About Me

I’m a big reader that needed a place to talk about books. The books I read, that I want to read, that I couldn’t finish reading. If you’re a big reader who is tired of getting blank stares whenever you start talking about your latest adventure in literature you’ve come to the right place.

Basically, I’m a huge nerd. I read too much, watch a ton of movies, and play video games. I have a critical mind and often find myself reading books that I have a strong urge to comment on. With movies or video games there is a possibility that I will know someone personally with which to have a conversation about it but with books it seems to be rare that anyone has read the same ones. So here is where I shall stick my comments, ramblings, rants, and meandering trains of thought. Enjoy.

Since starting this blog over 3 years ago I have discovered a new mission in life. I strive to connect independent and self published authors with their audiences. Finding and promoting great authors has become a true joy for me and I hope this site becomes your go to stop for new book recommendations for all the books you’ve never heard of before.

On a more personal note, if that’s what you’re looking for in an about me section… I go by Amanja and have since high school. I value my alone time but crave validation from strangers on the internet. I am in my 30s and am proud of my comic book knowledge and other nerdoms but I have strong gaps in fantasy and don’t really read romance. I can’t keep up with everything! So I know much more about Marvel than Game of Thrones.

amanja as marvel's elektra
that’s me as elektra, i have more tattoos now

I identify as a cis female bisexual, use the she/her pronouns, and am currently (and hopefully eternally) married. I have a bachelor’s of science in forensic sciences that I strongly doubt I’ll ever get to use. I am a skeptic and atheist and am constantly on the lookout for great nonfiction books that will teach me anything new about our amazing world. I try to steer clear of political books anymore cause in our current age they just angry up my blood and I need escapism more than hypertension.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read anything that I put here and if you hit the follow button you can make sure not to miss any of it!

If you decide to come here to troll instead of engaging in book discussion I will delete and block you. I’ve been getting an influx of impolite (and personally attacking) comments that I will maintain a zero tolerance policy for. Yes, I’m glad this site has gotten big enough to find enemies. No, I don’t want to engage with them.

To read more about my blogging experience check out What I Learned My First Year Book Blogging. Since starting this blog I have somehow managed to turn what I’ve learned into a full time career as an SEO specialist. Don’t let anyone tell you that blogging is a waste of time.

Contact me at amanjareads@gmail.com

You can also find me at my other blog flavorfuleliminationdiet.com where I make recipes for elimination diets and all sorts of food allergies and sensitivities!