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Off World Hotel & Resort: Episode 1, Sci Fi Mystery Review

Off World Hotel & Resort: Episode 1 by author Dave Terruso

Thank you so much to author Dave Terruso for providing me with a copy of Off World Hotel & Resort: Episode 1 in exchange for this honest review.

I’ve become a huge fan of Terruso’s and strongly recommend all of his other books. You can find reviews for his other books as well as his author interview by clicking here.

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Off World Hotel & Resort is a science fiction mystery trilogy that starts off as a simple who-done-it and ends with the grandest mystery ever known to humankind. The trilogy is actually my first experience with being a beta reader so I have some insider knowledge about episode 1, seeing as I’ve already read the conclusion.

However, I read the final version of episode 1 for this review and I can say with full confidence that it holds up to being reread. Even after knowing the ending and even though I just read it a few months ago I was still engaged and couldn’t stop myself from starting the next chapter.

Off World stars Christie, a middle aged mother of 3 who has just been diagnosed with an unnamed terminal illness. She’s devastated that she won’t have more than a year left with her daughters and grandchild.

Her loving daughters decide to get Christie the best darn going away present that anyone could ask for. Christie has been dreaming of going to the Off World Hotel & Resort on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. Of course, it is astronomically expensive. So her daughters take a loan against her soon to pay out life insurance policy and buy her a three day getaway to the most luxurious place in the galaxy.

She’s thrilled but nervous about the teleportation technolgy used to get there. The fine print even states that should she be stranded there it would take longer than she’d be alive to have a rescue ship enable her to return. So obviously, she’ll get stranded there.

Episode 1 introduces the cast of characters in this interstellar locked room mystery and sets the stage for what is to be the last place Christie ever gets to see. It’s all fun light science fiction until it is discovered that someone has sabotaged the teleporter. The mystery begins as Christie decides to spend her final days revealing who doomed her to die separated from her loved ones.

Off World is an incredibly fast read. Somehow the pages just fly by in a blur of entertainment. It would be the perfect book to read at a resort staring at a monumental view of Jupiter. I can also tell you that the cliffhanger ending to episode 1 is nothing compared to the intensity of the next two episodes. You’ll be hooked but you won’t be prepared.

Off World Hotel & Resort episode 1 is available now and the next two episodes will be released over the next two months. Get ready for you new favorite sci fi mystery thriller!

5/5 friendly robots

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    • You definitely should! The trilogy reads like a miniseries so once you get started you’re going to have to know how it ends!

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