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Sentry: Reborn, Marvel Comics Review

Sentry: Reborn by author Paul Jenkins, Illustrations John Romita Jr.

I previously reviewed the original Sentry comic book run, you can find that full review here.

Sentry: Reborn takes quite a few liberties with the character of the Sentry. He is now a full Hollywood style schizophrenic, with the personalities of the Sentry, Robert, and the Void being comletely separate. These personalities even take on separate physical forms when they’re present.

The author has also made the “important” addition of making Robert’s wife a total freaking b*tch. I really don’t know why her whole plot was necessary but Sentry: Reborn went out of its way to strongly allude that she is cheating on Robert with her yoga instructor. So cliche!

the sentry's wife getting ready to bone her yoga instructor

Sentry: Reborn seemed to really want to villainize Robert or at least make it clear that he’s worthless. I honestly have no freaking clue why this should happen to the human in this trio of personalities. His wife is cheating on him and he just kind of accepts it, The Sentry seems to think he’s dead weight, and the Void doesn’t think about him at all. He’s a worthless human trapped in this mess.

The original Sentry storyline found nuance in Robert’s tragedies. It focused on the human side of it all and how he was struggling with having these inner powers of good and evil. This version focuses on the Sentry being your all powerful hero and needing to take down the Void, the simplest of evils. Kinda boring if you ask me.

Sentry: Reborn is interesting enough if you’ve never been exposed to the Sentry before. The story is fine and the art is fine. The problem is that the author missed what was interesting and original about the character in the first place. He took a unique character and made him into every other hero.

I recommend reading the first run over this one but if you want to check it out it’s short and still has some Marvel charm.

3/5 shadowy voids 👤👤👤

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