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Daredevil: Ninja, Marvel Comics Review

Daredevil: Ninja by author Brian Michael Bendis, Illustrations Rob Heynes

Brian Michael Bendis is an extremely prolific comic book writer. He’s even written a ton of Daredevil that I adored, see one review here.

However, Daredevil: Ninja proves that Bendis has some down points in his career and he most certainly hasn’t always had a grasp of Daredevil as a character.

Daredevil: Ninja is a completely pointless short run that ads nothing to canon and barely even has a plot. Additionally, the art is plain, simplistic, and dull.

For some reason this version of Daredevil is snarky and quippy. It reads more like a Spiderman comic book than a Daredevil one. It really threw me off and I didn’t care for it at all.

Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, is a lawyer by day. He’s not a wise cracking journalist or student. He’s a serious professional. The most lax he gets in his communication is when he’s wooing the ladies has a sexy blind man. He’s a serious and sometimes humorless character, he is Catholic after all. Making him quirky doesn’t fit his persona at all.

he’s supposed to be suave…

I didn’t recognize the main villain of the story so it seemed like a throwaway. Honestly, the whole conflict was. Nothing really happened, nothing really got settled, I didn’t care about any of it.

With all of this, you’d think this would be a 1 star review. Well, here’s the deal, it’s still not the worst run of Daredevil I’ve ever read. That title goes to Kevin Smith’s abortion of a comics run, find the review here. I will never not be salty about how bad that book was.

So compared to that, this is still very readable. It wasn’t offensive and that brings it up to a full 2 stars. Also, I’m glad that it wasn’t an origin story. We really don’t need any more of those so at least Daredevil: Ninja tried to be something else.

If you’re a Daredevil completist like I am then you’ll need to pick this one up. If you are not, then I would definitely suggest you pass. There are plenty of other great issues to choose from so don’t waste your time here.

2/5 devils 👿👿

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