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Daredevil Noir – Comic Book Review

Daredevil Noir by author Alexander C Irvine, illustrations by Tomm Coker

This is actually my second time reading Daredevil Noir. I read it previously before I had started this blog. Since I have read Punisher Noir and Luke Cage Noir I figured I should also have a review for this one. I honestly didn’t even remember reading it before and that pretty much sums up the review of the comic book. It’s forgettable.

All of the Marvel Noir books are basically meh. They’re fine, they’re okay, but they just don’t do much with the format and have nothing new to say. Also, how is there not a Jessica Jones Noir when she’s the only one who’s actually a private eye? These noir books make everyone a private eye even when it makes zero sense, Luke Cage, where’s Jessica Jones?!

In this short run Daredevil teams up with Kingpin to take down another crime lord known as Orville Halloran, aka the man who killed Matt Murdock’s father. Obviously, Murdock/Daredevil has a huge stake in this.

While these two are scheming we also get hints that Bullseye is out and about somewhere. He’s doing his normal shoot with great aim thing and taking down some minor players.

Murdock gets dragged deeper into the Hell’s Kitchen underground when a mysterious dame named Eliza comes to Foggy Nelson’s PI business. She wants to hire them to help her find information on Halloran as well.

Eliza in Daredevil noir shushing with her finger to her lips
Eliza in Daredevil Noir

Murdock immediately falls in love with her. Throughout Daredevil canon Murdock is known to be a lady’s man. He is irresistible with his good looks, lawyer charm, and sad blind guy mystique. However, he also falls in love way too easily. He’s been married and divorced again in other books, he cannot get Elektra out of his system no matter how bad they are for each other, and he will risk his life for any pretty face who gives him the time of day.

This makes him an absolute mess of conflict of interest when it comes to his law cases. It also makes it all the more exciting when Eliza’s true identity and nature are revealed at the end. This little twist is the only interesting thing this book has to offer. Too bad it’s too little too late.

Outside of the mediocre plot the artwork is quite good and that helps keep the 6 issues of Daredevil Noir from being completely disposable.

If you have a desire to read any of the Marvel noir books I would say that Daredevil is my favorite entry. Luke Cage, unfortunately, being the worst. I have not yet ventured into Spiderman Noir but that is a longer series somewhat outside of these mini runs. Let me know in the comments if it’s worth digging into.

3/5 devils ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

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