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Time to Wake, Supernatural Novel Review

Time to Wake by author K. Thomas

Time to Wake is the first in a supernatural series of novels that features at least one ghost and a whole new set of empathic powers. It also has some romance, drama, and young adult elements that make it great for many different audiences.

Our heroine is Senlis, who goes by Sen or “Sin” depending on who you ask. She’s an introverted webcomic writer who prefers drinking tea with her ghost than going to wild parties or dating. The ghost is Benny, the spirit who lives in her house and enjoys drinking human energy as much as Sen loves drinking tea.

That sounds like a lot. Time to Wake does a good job of creating a new fantasy/supernatural world for the audience without bogging us down with too much excess world building. We get to learn the power sets, the players, and how Sen fits into it all as the book proceeds through a missing girl mystery plot.

We also get to enjoy the growing friendship/sister dynamic of Sen and her young neighbor Katie. I love a good positive female friendship in a book! It’s so darn refreshing to have this dynamic without the unnecessary love triangle or fated rivalry. They work together, they compliment each other, they help each other grow. It’s great.

Time to Wake is a fresh take on the young adult supernatural story and it’s a darned entertaining read. I just kept picking it up and finished it quite quickly. Toward the end I knew I was running out of pages though and sensed that it was actually the beginning of a series. My thoughts have been confirmed and I am disappointed I didn’t know that going in. I like to know I’m not going to get a conclusion before I start the book!

But I will very likely pick up the next book in the series and continue this story. It’s a quick read with entertaining and engaging characters, with magic that I’m not already totally overexposed to. What more could you want?

Go ahead and check out Time to Wake and get yourself a female protagonist who doesn’t fall into all the usual stereotypes and traps. I’m excited to see what she does next.

4/5 ghosts 👻👻👻👻

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