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Not Right Now – Book Review

Not Right Now is the second book in the Time to Wake series by K Thomas.

I previously reviewed the first book in the series, Time to Wake, and was impressed with the fact that a book could have supernatural humans that aren’t something I’ve seen a thousand times before. Sen and others in her circle are Nephilim, meaning that she’s an extreme empath and has the ability to control the emotions and energy of those around her.

The first book found Sen and her eternal love interest Hunter getting closer to each other and Not Right Now continues with their relationship growing much deeper. However, Sen is unable to control her powers around him and they’ve yet to figure out a way to have sex that doesn’t involve her completely draining his life force. It’s a problem but it also creates some fantastic tension between the characters.

Sen is also slowly regaining the memories of her past lives with Hunter. She receives pieces of them in nightmares and is trying to fit the puzzle together. All she knows for sure is that her past with Hunter and Jonah was more complicated than she ever could have imagined, and it’s catching up to her.

We follow the story as the core friend group attempts to bring Benny, Sen’s brother who is now a ghost like entity, back to life through a very dangerous ritual. There is plenty of drama and action along the way. The powers and magic in this novel actually have consequences. It’s so refreshing to see powers with rules and errors, magic is extremely boring when it can do anything and everything.

Not Right Now is not the kind of book that I typically pick up for myself. I’m not usually inclined to read fantasy or supernatural stories. But I met the author through my best friend and she, my bestie whom I trust very much, insisted that I start the series. Full disclosure here that I do personally know the author but I maintain my promise to be unbiased. I have also decided to rate and review this book through the eyes of its target audience.

This series has proven to break my prejudice against supernatural stories. If nothing else, it’s just a damned entertaining read. The stakes are high enough to create a sense of danger but personal enough to feel invested in. These kinds of stories all too often veer into world ending territory, I try not to comprehend destruction on a scale that large. A more intimate conflict is much easier to get into. And more rewarding when it’s concluded.

The characters in Not Right Now have built their bonds stronger than the first book and it’s delightful to see friendships go through the ebb and flow of disagreements and reunions. Plus I always have to give points to female friendships that involve no fighting over boys or not so subtle emotional warfare.

This series delivers. It’s an absolute page turner that will certainly keep you busy for a weekend. I’m excited to read the third installment when it comes out.

5/5 cups of tea 🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡

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