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Star-Lord: Grounded, Marvel Comics Review

Author Chip Zdarsky, Illustrations Kris Anka

I picked up Star-Lord: Grounded solely because of author Chip Zdarsky. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a lot of his writing and a limited series for a character I know very little about seemed like a fun way to read some more.

I was rewarded with a Marvel book that is fun, coherent, entertaining, subtly touching, often funny, and dare I say, sexy. Let’s get this out of the way, Kris Anka illustrating Star Lord was having a lot of fun.

very sexy star lord peter quill

Holy effing eff Peter Quill is looking good! There are several opportunities for him to flaunt his sexy muscles and chest hair all around this series and that alone makes it worth checking out. I’ve gotten used to seeing a lot of lady butts in my comics but anyone who follows me knows that my brand of feminism includes sexualizing everyone equally. Thank you for this.

In addition to Star Lord’s abs we get a story about him being stranded on Earth and struggling to fit in with these land dwellers called humans. It’s a cute story that genuinely had me laughing. There is also a delightfully touching story involving Old Man Logan.

My main man Daredevil shows up for a few issues as well which is also a reason I probably added this to my reading list however many months ago. He does the DD thing by being lawful good all over everyone’s fun time but that’s why we love him.

This was the introduction to Peter Quill that I needed. It’s nice to see how he behaves outside of his standard team. But here’s the kicker, Star-Lord: Grounded actually comes to a conclusion! The rarest of features in all of comics! It has a nice and satisfactory resolution!

I strongly recommend Star-Lord: Grounded, you don’t need to be well versed in the Gurdians of the Galaxy or any other Marvel to read it. Also…

sexy star lord peter quill with beard

5/5 drooling over star-lords 中中中中中

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