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Sex Criminals- Graphic Novel Review

Sex Criminals: Authors Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, Illustrations Chip Zdarsky

Back in September 2022 I caused a bit of a scandal with a post featuring the lovely hardcover omnibus volumes of this graphic novel series.

amanja is a sex criminal
amanja is a sex criminal

This stupid post got over 1,000 likes but also lost me over 140 followers. Apparently there are some prudes out there who don’t like my thighs and moan face. Fuck em. This is my blog, my page, and I’ll be in your face suggestive if I wanna be!

Those individuals who unfollowed me over that post probably wouldn’t like reading Sex Criminals. As the back covers clearly state, these books are for mature readers, duh. It’s called Sex Criminals for crying out loud! If you don’t want to read it, you don’t have to, but at least let others have their fun.

The basic premise of the series is that Suzie and John both have the ability to stop time when they orgasm. Suzie calls this place The Quiet, John calls it Cumworld. The difference between men and women amirite? After they meet they realize they’re not the only ones and start to use their skills to rob banks. For good reason of course, Robin Hood in Cumworld.

John and Suzie have their meet cute at a party where they are both dressed as Freddy Mercury. If this doesn’t say meant to be I don’t know what does. They hit it off and leave the party together to indulge in some consensual activities. That’s when they discover their powers.

sex criminals in the quiet
sex criminals in the quiet

They discover that they aren’t the only two with this power when they run afoul of a group that calls themselves the Sex Police. These losers have made it their mission to care about what others are doing in their orgasm utopia. Mind your business. Why should anyone care that someone is robbing a bank? It’s not your bank, they ain’t hurting anyone.

Although the supernatural elements are fun this series’ main draw is the drama. Fraction and Zdarsky dive into the complexities of adult relationships and show us all the different ways you can make it work or completely ruin it in an instant. Everyone’s sex life is developed differently. The story uses flashbacks to show how each character experiences sex and relationships in their own way.

I had previously read the first two volumes before the series was complete. This is my first time through on volume 3 and the ending is fitting to the series. It’s a soft conclusion, no real finality. It’s melancholy but realistic. Most relationships don’t end with a huge blow up or a happily ever after. They just end.

Fraction and Zdarsky are a special kind of team. The books often get meta and mentions the co authors or even feature them in fourth wall breaking interludes.

matt fraction and chip zdarsky
bro love

They are having so much fun writing Sex Criminals. The pages are dripping with their enthusiasm of being able to take such a bizarre concept and the excitement of having a loyal audience for it to boot.

These collectors editions also contain bonus material from Zdarsky that showcase all of his background gags that had to be cut from the frames or hidden behind speech bubbles. For any fans of this franchise I recommend checking these versions out. He put a lot of work into those, it’s about time someone gets to see them!

I love comics books for adults. Books that know their audience and go full force to please them. Sex Criminals is a labor of love and if you aren’t turned off by my pics or the title I would suggest checking it out.

5/5 adult toys 🍌🍆🌽🥒🥖

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  1. Oh love the photo you posted! People are silly these days but I feel like it fits Sex Criminals perfectly. I read a couple of the volumes and really enjoyed them. I forgot what I got up to but that always happens with me and comics with multiple volumes plus sometimes the library doesn’t have them. Great review!