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Ashcan Comics Pub Studios, Service Review

This one is a bit of a different kind of review today. Ashcan Comics Pub Studios (ACP Studios) is a subscription based service that provides completely indie comics.

For as low as $5 a month you’ll gain access to their library of indie comics available to read digitally. They also have flash fiction anthologies that have a few illustrations.

I received a couple physical copies of two of the anthologies, thank you so much to the good folks at ACP Studios for the copies as well as access to the digital library in order to provide these honest mini reviews.

Vala the Beast Heart

Vala: The Beast Heart

Vala: The Beast Heart is a fantasy comic book that follows a Nordic warrior capable of great feats. Vala defeats a Kraken in this issue.

If you are looking for high fantasy with a good Viking bent to it then this one will be for you. It’s written far more like a lovely fantasy novel than a traditional comic book. The blend of genres is captivating.

Cosmic flash fiction anthology cover


Cosmic is a flash fiction anthology that contains several short stories that all fit within a space theme. Some of the stories are space fantasy and some are more science fiction. Some are quite funny and some are much sadder. It’s a broad spectrum in such a short book.

Regardless, it’s impressive how these short stores can fit in a whole plot and character development within so few pages. Each story can be read in just a few minutes. Absolutely perfect for reading when you only have a short break.

Oath comic book cover


Oath is a mysterious comic book that starts with its main character dying during a mugging gone even worse. It hints at supernatural elements that allow us to follow this character post death.

I was most intrigued with this one. I intend to keep following it. Once I have enough issues read I’ll be able to feature it for a full review all on its own. My curiosity has been piqued and I insist you join me in reading it!

Born Again comic book cover
born again

Born Again

Born Again is the most emotional of the stories I read from ACP Studios. It’s a story of battling your fears. It’s also a story of strong family bonds and how expectations can shape your life.


The concept of ACP Studios is simple. It’s a subscription for what you know you want. Independent comics outside of the Marvel/DC vacuum. Your subscription goes directly to indie authors and artists instead of a huge corporation. And seriously, at $5 a month for their lowest plan it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

I strongly encourage every reader I talk to to support more indie authors in anyway they can. This is a fantastic and affordable option to encourage artists and expand your reading lists.

You can find ACP Studios membership plans here:

Give their library a browse. There are several different genres to choose from and I’m sure you’ll find something you’re interested in!

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