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Batman: Three Jokers-Comic Book Review

Batman: Three Jokers author Geoff Johns and Illustrator Jason Fabok

Batman: Three Jokers was recommended to me as a standalone Batman comic that I could read without a lot of prior knowledge. I always appreciate these mini runs for being way more accessible to new readers or people new to the characters. DC is much better at these than Marvel is. It’s almost like Marvel doesn’t even want new readers at this point.

In this DC comic book on a single night in Gotham three different Jokers commit three different murders. They are spread out in different locations and Batman, Barbara Gordon, and Jason Todd must split up to bring them all to justice.

Clearly, these three individuals have their own motivations to bring down the Joker. But which one of these Three Jokers is the true villain and which are just followers? Batman, the world’s greatest detective might know how to solve this one for good.

Batman: Three Jokers demonstrates how these three heroes solve and handle crimes differently. Jason Todd is in form as the Red Hood and right on par with the anti-hero title as he responds the most violently. Barbara Gordon (Batgirl and Oracle) wants to get to the truth and Batman just wants every criminal to see justice served.

The mystery of which Joker is the true Joker becomes secondary to character dichotomy. The best part of the book is seeing each hero’s role and how it serves the greater good. Although they have different methods, Gotham needs a variety of hero’s to keep it’s excess of villains down to a more manageable level.

The ending of Batman: Three Jokers is somewhat controversial. I loved it but I guess it wasn’t exactly what some fan boys and girls were looking for. I’ll just say that sometimes there’s more to a mystery than a solution. This book is considered canon though and that may be why some fans have a harder time accepting it.

I don’t always like Batman as a character but I really loved him in this book. I also rediscovered Jason Todd and why he’s my favorite Robin. When I get back to reading comics I intend to pick up some of his solo books.

It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of prior knowledge about Gotham prior to reading Batman: Three Jokers. If you are even just a little aware of who the Joker is than I’m sure you’ll have no trouble keeping up. If you don’t know who the Jokerr is at this point I have to wonder where you’ve been for the last decade. Let me know your thoughts on the ending when you’re done!

5/5 laughs on you 不不不不不

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How many issues are in Batman: Three Jokers?

3 issues, a short and complete comic book

Is Batman: Three Jokers canon?

DC is notorious for adding and removing comic from canon as it sees fit. Originally, Three Jokers was meant to be canon. It infuriated Batman fanboys who can’t handle any deviations from the norm so many consider it outside of canon so they don’t have to be uncomfortable.

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