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Beau Is Non-Binary of Everything – Book Review

Thank you to author Lady’s Lady for providing me with a copy of their novella, Beau is Non-Binary of Everything, in exchange for this honest review.

Novellas are a certain kind of magic. Unpretentious authors who know exactly how long a story needs to be in order to be told effectively deserve more praise. These stories aren’t padded out with unnecessary details in order to make an arbitrary page length. Short form novels can typically be read in a single day in order to create a perfect weekend.

Beau is Non-Binary of Everything is a poetic novella that follows young Kwon Cho as she meets an angel. She names this angel Beau Bella meaning doubly beautiful. The angel is especially touched by this because most people cannot see them and those who can are startled by their black wings, thinking this makes them less angelic. The “traditional” white wings are favored even though most people have never seen an angel of any color.

Kwon Cho is artistic by nature and wants to capture the angel’s magnificence. As a child she draws or paints them. As an adult she attempts to sculpt them in various mediums. However, due to the nature of magic in the modern world the angel must hide their existence to a certain extent. Kwon Cho’s memory is wiped after each visit. This leaves her confused about her ongoing art projects and frustrated that she cannot finish them due to a sudden lack of muse.

Beau always does return though and Kwon Cho is able to pick up where she left off. She has a guardian angel that eventually helps her through more than sculptor’s block by giving her the most important gift that can be given to a human. Read the book to understand what this means, this is a spoiler free review.

Beau is Non-Binary of Everything is an extremely touching story that captures themes of faith and love but most importantly, acceptance. One need not be religious to appreciate this angel. They are wanting of love and acceptance just like all beings. Their magic does not change these foundations of being. Judge not on appearance and be rewarded.

The ending is melancholy but perfect. Although the bulk of the novella is flowery to the point of becoming abstract from a traditional plot point of view the ending ties the themes together to drive the emotions home.

Beau is Non-Binary of Everything is recommended for any reader who has ever felt watched over in times of need. If you have not felt watched over, perhaps you were and just cannot remember it now. Have faith that someone, somewhere, wants you to succeed, thrive, and live.

4/5 angels πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡

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2 thoughts on “Beau Is Non-Binary of Everything – Book Review

  1. This review strikes me as a metaphor of the duality of humans – last brain- right brain, yin and yang – It also reminds me of teaching and counseling LGBTQ students and adults. Great review that makes me want to read the book. Peace