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Black Comic Book History, Nonfiction Review

Black Comic Book History by author Demetrius Sherman

Thank you to author Demetrius Sherman for providing me with a copy of Black Comic Book History in order to provide an honest review.

I was captured by the title, Black Comic Book History. I would love to learn more about black heroes throughout all kinds of comics, black writers, black illustrators, anyone to do with producing more black comic books.

It’s a very interesting subject which I’m sure could make a very interesting book. This book, however, does not live up to the subject at hand.

It’s described by the author as being a “low content” book. Apparently, that’s a category of self publishing available on Amazon. It appears that it’s mostly used for a category of self help books I would typically all a “scam.” You know the ones, how to increase your blog traffic in hours, how to get a man to marry you, how to beat alcoholism and replace it with cold hard cash.

The category of publishing consists of very short books with more images than words. Black Comic Book History does fit this bill. The formatting is very odd having been originally created as an e-book. Many of the pages of this already diminutive book are mostly blank. Maybe containing one title or one picture. Few of the pages contain more than one paragraph.

basically blank pages from black comic book history

As you can likely guess this is not my favorite format for a history book.

History, and nonfiction in general, requires a deep dive. This book offers an introduction at best.

It did provide me with a couple of comic strips, characters, or individuals I hadn’t heard of or only knew a little about but that is all the information it provides. A name, you can look up the rest for yourselves.

Imagine my disappointment to find a whole section dedicated to black comic strips but no mention of The Boondocks.

The Boondocks family
great comic, even greater show

Or about comic books and other media but no mention of Luke Cage.

luke cage from netflix show side by side with comic book luke cage
great comic, even greater show

Obviously, this book is largely incomplete. Seriously, The Boondocks is pinnacle. That show is effing brilliant and you should be ashamed of yourselves if you haven’t seen it.

I love the idea of this book and really want to read a version that has actually gone further than a Wikipedia article to explain the history, impact, and social constructs of black people and characters in comic book history.

If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments. Otherwise, pick this one up if your baseline of black comic book history is absolutely zero and you need a place to start.

2/5 🦸🏿‍♂️🦸🏿‍♂️ super heroes

Read more black comic book heroes by checking out Luke Cage in Defenders.

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