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Bloodshot Definitive Edition, Graphic Novel Review

Bloodshot Definitive Edition by authors Duane Swierczynski and Matt Kindt, Illustrations Manuel Garcia

Bloodshot is the kind of graphic novel that is very much geared toward an audience of men. Not just any men, MANLY men. Men who like violence, rescue damsels, and never eat their vegetables.

The basic of premise of Bloodshot is… stupid. Bloodshot is a sort of super soldier, one of those “ultimate weapons” that manly media likes to portray. However, the problem is always the same. It never ever makes sense to have a sentient weapon. We’ve seen this concept fail so many damn times! Why does anyone think they can do it right? It’s just… stupid.

So in this version of the sentient weapon they transplant fake memories into bloodshot in order to give him motivation for his assigned duties. This never really makes a lot of sense. It seems that anybody can just program and reprogram him but instead of just programming him to do the mission they go a very roundabout way of giving him the impression of a whole past and livelihood that he wants to get back to. And somehow, this will help him make the right decisions in combat scenarios.

Seriously, they could literally just program him to perform the duties of the mission as they want it done, but they don’t. Instead, they make him an emotional basketcase with PTSD and a missing family.

Predictably, this doesn’t work out and he goes rogue. The rest of the series is basically just him attempting to find his real purpose in life through acts of careless violence and eating pounds and pounds of uncooked meat. See, Bloodshot needs protein to run his nano whatevers so he’s constantly on the hunt for meat. Because this is a MAN’s book and real men would find this relatable or funny or something.

The whole series is confusing and ridiculous and not in a fun way. I never cared about any of the characters or even knew who most of them were. The reason Bloodshot is not a 1 star review is the same as most 2 star graphic novels and comic books, it wasn’t terribly offensive and the art was functional. I did never really understand though why Bloodshot was designed to look like a personification of the Japanese flag.

bloodshot rising spirit
more like rising sun

Eh, guess we’ll never know. Buy this book if you are a MAN, the kind of MAN who needlessly goes out of his way to harass vegans.

This comic book has also been adapted into an ill received film starring Vin Diesel. I didn’t see it, I have no intention of seeing it. I can’t imagine it would be any less stupid than the graphic novel version.

2/5 bloodshots 💉💉

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