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Bloodstone, Marvel Comic Review

Bloodstone by author Dan Abnett and Michael Lopez, Illustrations Andy Lanning

Bloodstone is a short Marvel comic run featuring Elsa Bloodstone, heir to a monster hunter role passed down by her father. I was first introduced to Elsa Bloodstone through a Jessica Jones run. She was a ton of fun and super badass so I wanted to give her solo a shot.

Unfortunately, this early run of hers is ridiculous at best. She barely hunts monsters, deals with a few daddy issues, and flaunts a lot of boob and butt.

Now, I like a good boob and or butt but I need a little more substance than that to give this book a higher rating.

elsa bloodstone's boobs

Most of the book is just her in outfits that don’t suit her mission, braless and acting kind of ditzy. I’m all for braless but don’t also be stupid please! Sigh, dumb blonde tropes are annoying and lazy and not even sexy in my opinion. Why did anyone ever accept running through a jungle with all of their skin exposed to the elements?

There is very little plot to speak of. The first 2 issues deal with Elsa discovering that her father was actually a monster hunter and that she too can have this power if she uses the stone bequeathed to her. The last 2 issues kind of have her fight a monster or two but the conflict isn’t set up well so it doesn’t really mean anything.

And that’s it. No wonder this wasn’t a very popular run. I think I speak for most people that you can have your heroines sexy but they also should be… heroic. If I just wanted to look at boobs I’d pull up some porn. The whole thing is just exploitative and ruined the character for quite some time.

It’s a forgettable run. I do, however, hope that Elsa Bloodstone can be better utilized in the future. I quite enjoyed her characterization in the far more recent Jessica Jones in which she appeared. If she continues to be written like that and put to good use action wise I’d actually consider reading another solo title for her.

It’s all about the author. This team obviously only saw Elsa Bloodstone as a sex object. Another author can see the potential for total badassery and take the character to her proper place.

Here’s hoping! But until then there isn’t much need to go out of your way for this one, unless you have no other source for barely contained boobs.

2/5 monsters 👹👹

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