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Book Love, Humor Book Review

Book Love by author Debbie Tung

Book Love is a super cute, short illustrated humor book about what it’s like to live that book obsessed life.

So basically, anybody who spends time reading and writing book blogs can definitely relate to this one.

Tung talks about the love of books, book stores, libraries, anything and everything book related and it is the most relatable book I’ve read in a long time.

I too know the pain of having hundreds of books on my to read list but no idea what to pick next. Or being upset at buying a book only to find out that it has the movie cover instead of the original cover designed for the book.

The one thing I can’t relate to is hating on e-readers. I totally get loving the smell of an old paperback and I love the way books look on shelves but there are some definite pros to getting an e-reader!

a page from book love about packing for a vacation and bringing a whole suitcase of books
doesn’t have to be like this

She complains about dragging around a huge, heavy bag that’s loaded down with four books at a time. Well, I understand needing to bring backups just in case you mood changes but I just slip my kindle into my purse and I have hundreds at the ready!

My waterproof kindle can be taken into the bath without worry. And you can get all sorts of cute covers to personalize it! Mine has a little kick stand so I can lean back and not even hold it. I love books and I love my e-reader!

I am never going to hate on anyone for whatever way they choose to read. Paperback, hardback, e-reader, pdf on your computer, audio books, braille, watching a video of someone read it out loud to you, I don’t care just so long as you’re consuming books!

There’s not a lot to say about this one since it’s just a cute little series of musings with illustrations. But it will be sure to make you smile and nod.

If you consume books more than most people you know then you’re definitely going to find this super relatable. Additionally, it’s a really quick easy read for when you just want to zone out for an hour. Fly through it and smile at knowing that there are so many of us out there just like you.

4/5 books 📖📖📖📖

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4 thoughts on “Book Love, Humor Book Review

  1. Oooh, sounds like a book I’ll have to check out! Though I’m definitely not an e-reader hater, I do prefer my physical books (though I do read the occasional e-book on my kindle app on my phone). But hmm, you make a very tempting case for getting kindle. Maybe some day! 😉
    Nice review!

    • haha I’ve been an advocate since the very first kindle came out. I recently had to replace that old relic of first gen technology and I must admit the new ones are even better. I can read in low light without eye strain! But anyway, love books no matter their forms! Thanks for commenting 🙂