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Colder Omnibus, Graphic Novel Review

Colder Omnibus by author Paul Tobin, Illustrations Juan Ferreyra

Colder is one of those graphic novels or comic books where the art far surpasses the story or any other part of the book. Just look at this page and tell me you don’t want to read this:

page from colder featuring nimble jack opening declan's head
look at it!

The whole collection is full of stunning and intense pages like this one. It’s truly incredible and impressive and makes it that much sadder that the rest of the book was pretty meh.

Colder is about Declan, who becomes cursed by Nimble Jack. Both featured in the above photo. Declan is cursed to become… colder. What that means, at least at first, is that he’s alive but with a far below average body temperature.

The doctor’s believe he is comatose and don’t really know how to cure him so they basically give up. One nice nurse decides she isn’t giving up and against probably every hospital ordinance takes him home with her.

She cares for him and reads to him and basically uses him the same way you would a house plant. He is kept alive and is a centerpiece for the room. Until one day he stands up and is just, “Joke! I’ve been fully aware and able to move this whole time! Let’s go to war in the land of insanity!”

Rude, Declan, rude. But she falls in love with him anyway because that’s how these stories always go. So yadda yadda yadda, they discover he can cure insanity but it makes him colder. Nimble Jack feeds on insanity. Insanity ensues.

The rest of the book is basically vignettes loosely tying together truly awesome art and character design. The panels are creative, gorgeous, and unnerving, and deserve a better story.

The story isn’t bad exactly, it’s just a little confusing and I didn’t really care about it all that much. I don’t really understand them as a couple and I honestly didn’t care who won this supposedly great battle for the minds of the innocent. It was just meh.

The comic book also seems to assume that the name Nimble Jack means something to readers. Is there more lore to him that one simple nursery rhyme that I’m unfamiliar with?

But here, look at this:

nimble jack coming out of a man's mouth

Now that’s horror art! So you can see why it’s hard to rate this book. Absolutely 5 stars for the art. 100%. 2 stars for the story and everything else.

It’s a full collection, which is at least nice because you actually do get an ending. Something that is far too rare these days. It’s just too bad I didn’t really care about the ending. Add it to the pile of comics that would look better on your wall than actually being read.

3/5 open heads 🤯🤯🤯

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