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Daredevil: Redemption-Comic Book Review

Daredevil: Redemption by author David Hine and illustrator Michael Gaydos

Woo hoo! It’s been a long time since I’ve read a good Daredevil comic book! If you’ve been following me for a while you may know that I’ve been disappointed with quite a few of the last runs I’ve read of my so called favorite character. Daredevil: Redemption has finally broken the bad streak for me!

I think many of the best DD runs really utilize his alter ego Matt Murdock. Murdock is obsessed with being lawful good, DD is chaotic good, they get to battle it out for how the law should be enforced and it’s never been done better than in this short run. The internal conflict between a man and his alter ego is sometimes better than a huge world ending disaster.

Murdock takes a case in Alabama, because in Marvel 616 lawyers don’t have jurisdictions, defending an accused Satanist child murderer. Anyone with half a brain can tell you this poor young man is innocent. Satanists don’t sacrifice children like this no matter what the scare tactics media says.

But this highly religious rural town disagrees and is set on executing this falsely accused suspect. Murdock vastly underestimates the lengths that the corrupt cops and town officials will go to to hide the facts of this case and he starts to lose in the courtroom.

So he calls in his friend DD, as in he puts on his DD costume to scare the person most likely to have actually done it into confessing. As smart as he is he doesn’t seem to consider that people seeing Daredevil away from New York is going to be really odd and suspicious.

So DD just makes things a whole lot worse and really starts to muddle up the case. We get a treat with Daredevil: Redemption, seeing a hero falter. Murdock’s lawyer persona is not cleanly winning this case and his vigilante persona isn’t helping either. How to save this man from the electric chair?!

You’ll have to read it to find out but I’ll just say that justice doesn’t always come easily or cleanly, if it even comes at all. This comic book understands that a complex and challenging story is much better than a cookie cutter happy ending.

Daredevil: Redemption has some of the best human characters I’ve seen from Marvel maybe ever. These side characters surrounding the case are well developed, interesting, complex, and compelling. It also takes the story to the courtroom instead of the streets and gives us the action within the system instead of through violence.

This is an original Daredevil story that stands out with the best of them. I strongly recommend this for Daredevil fans and newbies alike.

5/5 crosses✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️

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