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Dreamsphere, Science Fiction Review

Dreamsphere: The Day We Stopped Dreaming by author Samson Tonauac

Thank you so much to author Samson Tonauac for providing me with a copy of Dreamsphere in order to write an honest review.

I’m calling Dreamsphere science fiction because I think that is the closest genre to apply. But it’s more than that. It’s philosophy, it’s satire, it’s humorous, it’s challenging, it’s dissociative, and it has pictures.

Dreamsphere is a love it or hate it kind of book. I loved it. You might not, and I would understand that. I think the terms and conditions page at the very beginning of the book will give you a good feel of if it’s for you or not.

terms and conditions of dreamsphere book
someone buy me a scanner please!

If you can’t read it part of the Limitations of Liability reads as, “although Samson Tonauac is the author of Dreamsphere, he is not responsible for the quality of the work. He recommends blaming God for creating such a horrifically horrible human being and bestowing upon him such poor literary skills. Since God is all-knowing, he knew exactly what he was doing when creating Samson Tonauac.”

If you’re intrigued or found that funny, you’ll like this book. If you found it odd and off-putting that’s likely how you’ll see the rest of the book. It’s a certain brand of humor that you don’t see every day. It’s sarcastic, nihilist, self-deprecating, absurdist, and somewhat offensive. Just enjoy it.

Obviously, most books do not contains disclaimers like this. This is not most books. This one also contains advertisements.

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There are two kinds of people in this world. People who can find humor in the nihilistic and those who are afraid of the sweet sweet release of death. I am in the former camp so Dreamsphere is right up my alley.

If you’re still with me Dreamsphere is about a future in which humans have gained a basic immortality. They no longer die from disease or other natural causes and can largely solve even unnatural causes. The only catch is that they have to enter the Dreamsphere every 120 years in order to avoid maximum entropy.

The “story”is told through loosely connected vignettes in which we see various characters throughout different time lines experience unusual scenarios.

We see subjects such as immortality, dreaming life, romance with time travel, the lack of meaning in life, and becoming one with the singularity explored in new and exciting detail.

We also get the story of Dr. Clive who made himself God. The book deals a lot with what it means to be God, how one can achieve God status, and why at this point in human history God becomes unnecessary. Once again, right up my atheist alley.

I really enjoyed the abnormal philosophy in this book. It’s a modern ideology with modern problems and mindsets as opposed to the ancient and very outdated wisdom of most current religions.

The book jumps around a lot and has no linear flow. It is in no way your traditional novel so please don’t expect it to be! However, it does know what it is and follows its own path. It’s not trying to imitate anything, it’s truly original.

Originality will always get bonus points from me. If someone can provide me with something I’ve never seen before I’m going to be inclined to give it a higher review just for not re-hashing the same played out crap I’ve seen a thousand times before. If Dreamsphere has done anything, it’s given me brand new never before seen pages.

picture from dreamsphere of a man in his underwear
did i mention it has pictures?!

I cannot recommend this book to everybody, it’s not for everybody. But I can say that I loved it and am excited for a sequel.

5/5 sleepers 😴😴😴😴😴

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