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Fine Print – Book Review and Summary

Review and summary/synopsis of Fine Print by author and illustrator Stjepan Šejić

Spoiler Free Review

Fine Print Volume 1 is the introductory story to a world where succubi, incubi, cupids, and horny folk of lore can make deals with humans that will render them content in either the physical space or the emotional, but never both.

Volume 1 lays the groundwork for much more to come in what is hopefully many volumes. There are 3 main plots introduced that become intertwined by the end of this issue.

First, is the story of how an incubus gets trapped on Earth, unable to please an asexual. You can imagine how confusing this could be to a creature who builds their purpose around lust. What can they do to overcome this challenge?

Second, is the story of Laura and her heartbreak. She chose a career over love back in college but has some regrets. Should she have been less selfish or should she lean into it more to find what will make her happy?

Third, the politics of the godrealm with all the moving pieces of the cubi, cupids, and the humans they manipulate. There is a hierarchy under the reign of Hades and some cubi would do anything to gain a better position. Others simply want to enjoy themselves instead of living for others. Once again we see the dichotomy of selfishness vs selflessness.

Fine Print combines the emotions of love and heartbreak with a very erotic setting to bring us a beautifully colorful graphic novel that is definitely for adults only. You’ll be lured in by the depictions of sex and nudity but you’ll stay for the intriguing fantasy story and deep characters.

My only complaint about this book, as with any others by Stjepan Šejić, is that his drawing style for faces and people in general seems a bit limited. I’ve read several of his (all great) books by now but all of the characters essentially look the same. Aside from that I would strongly recommend anything by this author.

Fine Print deals with a deep hedonism that many people possess but few acknowledge or explore. We are given sexuality here that is uninhibited by shame or gender. However, we are also shown that lust isn’t everything. Some people may be satisfied with “sins” of the flesh alone but many others would prefer love. Some only want whichever one they don’t currently have. But can we ever have both?

I look forward to the next volume of Fine Print (scheduled for spring of 2024). I am excited to see how these characters change and develop with their new situations. Although this book is only an introduction and I usually hate books without real endings you can consider me invested. I’m not content and I just have to have more!

5/5 cupids 💘💘💘💘💘

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forbidden love
forbidden love

Fine Print Summary

Fine Print Volume 1 is definitely an introduction to a series. As a reader I demand more to come! There is not an ending here so be prepared for the summary to cover what feels like the first chapter of a much longer book.

Rachel enters a bookstore to see an odd woman working there. She wonders why nobody else is reacting to her strange outfit, dramatic horns, and oddly erotic tail. Turns out she’s the only one who can see these features present on the succubus Meryl.

meryl fine print
meryl in fine print

Meryl, very excited to find a human with this gift of sight, is ready to bargain a deal with her. Meryl is able to seal the deal and Rachel eats the temptation fruit and signs the contract in blood. A very sexy Cale Morningstar shows up to grant her her every desire. He can shape shift into any form she lusts after and make her wildest fantasies come true.

Well, Rachel is asexual. She’s able to see the succubus Meryl but she’s immune to their charms. Now, Morningstar is trapped on Earth until he can figure out how to fulfill her desires when she doesn’t really have any linked to the flesh.

Flash sideways. Matthew and Lauren have a meet cute in a college hallway. We get a run down of their breakup and her wanting him back after leaving him for a career in modeling. This sequence feels very real. It takes the selfishness of youth and brings it up to the regret of real adulthood.

Here, we get a side story that takes place in Hades’ realm (see also Punderworld by author Šejić’s wife, they’re in the same universe). A succubus and a cupid sneak away to trade their powers for an ultimate high. In this transaction the succubus can feel love and the cupid can feel lust. This extremely sexy trade off is forbidden. They’re supposed to be using these powers on the humans to make ambrosia instead of fulfilling their own wants.

Back with Lauren we find her heartbroken now that Matthew has moved on and isn’t interested in taking her back. She tries to fill her soul with booze and sex but its unsatisfied and ultimately still sad. Then she meets Meryl. Meryl has been struggling to get back in good graces since the Rachel incident and she has a lot riding on making this contract with Lauren work.

Luckily, Lauren is ready to be seduced.

fine print vol 1 goddess
fine print vol 1 goddess

Did I mention this book is super sexy? Anyhoo…

There’s a lot of drama in the godrealms with two top rated cubi (plural of the gender neutral form of succubus and incubus) who are vying for Morningstar’s position now that he’s trapped in a sexless relationship. A lot of bets are being placed on this new contract.

Then the reader finally discovers what the contract actually means. Lauren will get all of the physical pleasure she could ever desire and more but she has to give up her ability to love. Without Matthew and in her current state of despair she can’t see the future of what this deal could mean.

This is where volume 1 leaves us. Volume 2 is available for preorder and is scheduled to be released in April of 2024. I am looking forward to reading what happens next in this erotic graphic novel series.

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