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GenderQueer, Memoir Review

GenderQueer: A Story From a Different Closet

Author Allan D. Hunter

Thank you so much to author Allan D. Hunter for providing me with a copy of their memoir in exchange for this honest review.

Gender has gotten to be a pretty complicated subject. Personally, I was born female and I identify as female. I know or have met many other people for whom their gender does not match their biological sex. This may result in them deciding to alter their physical form to match their gender identity, as is the case with those who are trans.

However, some may not feel out of place in their given body even though it doesn’t match their gender identity. That is the case for Allan D. Hunter, or as they go by in the book, Derek.

This is what is now referred to as “gender queer.” It’s the Q in LGBTQIA. Although I have personal relationships with some trans individuals I have never been close with anyone who openly identifies as gender queer. I eagerly welcomed the opportunity to read an account from this perspective.

Derek grew up well before the term gender queer was available as a label. They didn’t understand how they were unlike the other men. Other men seemed to enjoy fighting and have no problem casually hooking up with women.

Derek longed for a relationship with a woman, one of value and not just a throwaway one night stand. But women didn’t seem to go for that “type.”

Throughout their journey of self discovery Derek tried on many roles looking for something that felt comfortable. It took years before understanding that they are female man. A man with female emotions, traits, characteristics, mannerisms, etc.

I appreciated reading Derek’s accounts of being persecuted for standing out in any way. Sometimes people really will beat you up for something as stupid as wearing the wrong shirt. And their account of being institutionalized for attempting to discuss the idea of a different gender identity was harrowing to read.

GenderQueer is very well written. It is not just any memoir that somebody threw together. This one took years of passion and it shows.

I really enjoyed the last section of the book which started to get more into gender theory and its relation to BDSM and the definitions of virginity. Really my only complaint is that I would have liked to see more of the theory and a little less of certain personal stories. Just for my taste, Derek spent too much time discussing the time spent as an aspiring auto mechanic.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say I fully understand what it means to be gender queer. It’s simply not my experience. But I will continue to seek out memoirs and literature that can help me understand this different perspective more. I encourage you to start with GenderQueer for your own understanding as well.

4/5 all inclusive gender symbols ⚧⚧⚧⚧

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