gifts for book lovers

Gifts for Book Lovers (in every price range)

If you’re a book lover you probably hang out with a few others. Come birthdays and holidays you’ll need to buy some of these gifts for book lovers to make them happy. There are plenty of options to choose from and many of them can be customized to fit their personality.

Happy Shopping and make sure to share this list with your friends and family so that they know what to buy you 😉

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Cheap Gifts for Book Lovers

Let’s be honest, most of us are giving gifts in the $20 range. I wish I could give everyone I love super expensive presents but I’m constrained by my paycheck. These are the gifts that most of us are looking for come the holidays and birthdays.

my weekend is all booked mug

Big Mug

All readers need a big mug for their coffee or tea. Yes, we all have a hot beverage of choice that is mandatory for reading time. This one will express the sentiments of the proud introvert in style. This particular mug is about $20 but there are of course cheaper options that you can find through the related searches through the link.

Litographs Edgar Allen Poe Bag

Book Bag

For an awesome bookish bag you must go to Litographs. This picture doesn’t really do justice to the product. The images on their bags are made up of tiny print quoted from the material. This example is of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. These images can also be printed on products like puzzles, t-shirts, and throw pillows in order to please the gift recipient. I personally have one of these bags and can verify the quality of the material. Prices start at $19 and go up from there.

Book Light

A good book light can come in handy in numerous different situations. Obviously reading at night is important but you can also read on public transportation, in a room with poor lighting, or during a dreaded power outage. Don’t let any circumstances slow down reading progress with this book light that costs about $12.

spooky bookmark


If you’re looking for really cool bookmarks Etsy is the place to go. Original artists and creators have options to suit everyone’s needs. Horror fans might really love this spooky ghost that sits transparent on the page to scare you every time you open the book. Of course there are many more options for any reader’s taste. This shop has these great gifts for about $8 a piece.

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

I know that there are actually readers out there who don’t have Kindles but I would wager that the majority do. If you know that the person you are gift shopping for has the Amazon brand ereader then a Kindle Unlimited subscription is a good way to go. This is especially true if they are located far away and you don’t want to pay for shipping on anything, this can be sent in a email. One month of unlimited books will cost $11.99, you get to decide how many months you’d like to give them.

Learn more about Kindle Unlimited

Cozy Socks

There are infinite options for fun socks. Type “socks for readers” into Amazon or Google and you’ll get more choices than you can handle. If you’d like your socks to also have an impact on the world head over to Conscious Step where each pair of socks also donates to charity. These sustainable socks come with a choice of nonprofit such as donating books to children in need. Each pair is about $15 and they come in all sorts of cute patterns.

Pens for Notes

Serious book lovers might take notes while they’re reading. Whether that is in a journal or on the book itself they’ll want a good set of pens. This set of 18 journaling pens has a bunch of color options for smooth writing at only $8. This set has a whopping 74,538 five star ratings to back up the quality!


Another handy subscription for book lovers is Speechify. For about $12 a month you can turn any book into an audio book with this helpful app. It converts digital files into audio ones so that you can listen to your ebooks, magazines, newspapers, or any text instead of read it on the page. It has celebrity voices and other human sounding ones so that it’s not a robot voice taking you out of the experience. Audiobook lovers will enjoy this alternative to buying expensive audiobooks.

Gifts over $50 (but still reasonable)

If you have a bit more budget to spend you can really treat with these gifts for book lovers over $50. Although these gifts are a little more expensive they’re still within the possible range for a lot of buyers.

bath set for readers

Bath Accessories

If you’re like me, reading in the bath is the ultimate luxury. A caddy would make a great gift for anyone wanting to soak away their troubles. This one can hold a book, ereader, beverage of choice, whatever will make the bath time experience absolutely perfect. This specific one runs at $48 and there are also cheaper options for simpler tastes. Don’t forget to add a candle or bath bombs!

Harry Potter book ends


I suppose it’s necessary for a list of gifts for book lovers to have at least one Harry Potter item. Like it or not those are some popular books. Of course, you can get bookends for as cheap as $8 or so but if you really want to impress this platform 9 3/4 set will stand out like none other. The price tag is a little steep at $93 but it sure is a centerpiece for a magical library.


No list of gifts for book lovers would be complete without an ereader. The most popular ereader out today has got to be the Kindle Paperwhite. I love mine. You can buy digital books but make sure to also check out books digitally from your local library! The most recent Paperwhite starts at $140 but will last for years of reading.

Heated Blanket

There’s a stereotype amongst us introverted nerds, we get cold easily. A heated blanket is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever bought. I miss it all summer and spend all winter wrapped inside. You can get these electric blankets for anywhere from $30 to well over $100 depending on brand, size, and settings. I’ve had to buy two now and I can tell you it’s worth it to spend a little bit more so that it doesn’t break. The link here will bring you to one for $75 and I promise it’s worth every penny to be this comfortable.

Bookish Gifts Wish List (the we can dream price range)

These gifts bring out the big guns for when you’re really looking to impress. If you have a budget over $200 for the book lover you know then make their day with one of these items.


A good set of shelves can range from 50 bucks to hundreds of dollars. Of course this all depends on material, size, and style. These top rated shelves from Amazon have over 1,200 5 star reviews from book lovers all over the world. This set is about $200 but will have room for a collection to grow.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

You can get noise cancelling headphones in a smaller budget range but the audiophile in me says to go all out. Bose is king for a reason and these stylish bluetooth headphones will run you just under $300. Bose headphones actively cancel noise by emitting an opposite frequency so you’ll be sure to block out the outside world while focusing on a good book. These ones also have up to 22 hours of battery life which means you can fall asleep reading on an international flight and not be bothered once.

massage chair for reading

Reading Chair

The absolute dream is to have the perfect place to read. If you really want to splurge on the reader in your life this chair will be the ultimate gift. It has 3 massage points, 2 cup holders, and a side pocket to store books and magazines. This highly rated recliner is $430 and perfect for any binge reading session.

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