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Girls, Graphic Novel Review

Girls: The Complete Collection Deluxe

Author Joshua Luna, Illustrations Jonathan Luna

This post contains some lite spoilers in the summary. Nothing that would really change your experience of reading the book but some people prefer to stay completely dark and to them I say, why are you reading reviews?

Girls is the battle of the sexes at its peak. The men and women are exaggerations of the worst stereotypes for each gender. The women are whores, dependent and meek, or nagging shrews while the men are completely incapable of controlling their horniness. The story that follows is what happens when an outside element, in the form of attractive human women, comes in to attack the women and breed with the men.

attack and breed!

Despite the obvious danger of these Girls the men can’t keep it in their pants and continue to expand the problem. The women decide that therefore all men cannot be trusted. Individual characters fight for autonomy from their overbearing spouses. Every character wrestles with their inner demons as well as their preconceived notions of each other.

The stand up #notallmen cop tries to maintain order but it’s not until the men are directly affected by the violence from the girls that everyone is able to work together to free their town. Women are being killed left and right but it’s not until a man is murdered that they are able to honestly attack the problem head on.

The commentary on gender conflict found in Girls is especially poignant here in 2019. We see everyone in the Girls graphic novel at their absolute worst, unable to work together to fight what is obviously the common enemy. Unable to feel empathy for what one side is going through until it hits too close to home. Sometimes you have to fight what feels good for yourself in the moment to help your fellow person. 

Girls does contain graphic sex and violence and may not be for everyone but if you’re looking for a new way to see the gender conflict framed this is a good place to start. It’s entertaining and challenging. Just the way I like it!

5/5 Girls 👧👧👧👧👧

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The complete collection is not in a current print but you can start with volume 1 here: Girls Volume 1: Conception (v. 1)

This is a Throwback Thursday review in which I’ll periodically find an old review to post when the books I’m currently reading are taking a long time and throwing off my whole reading schedule. This was originally published on Goodreads 01/11/2019 and has been adapted and added to for your pleasure here. Hope you enjoyed it!

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