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Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter- Comic Book Review and Summary

Review and summary of Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter by Kelly Thompson, Mattia de Iulis, and Filipe Andrade

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Unlike some Marvel superheroes that have been around much longer than I’ve been alive, Jessica Jones has only a few runs which makes it possible to read every book she appears in. Her standalones are, so far, really worth reading. Her ratio of good books to bad books has maintained the positive side which is, in part, thanks to author Kelly Thompson.

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter has the hero face off with The Purple Man once again for the ultimate mind games. He has intense psychic powers which can overtake even the toughest minds and cause people to commit horrendous acts. His specialty is forcing people to commit dramatic suicides to instill fear across the city.

Jones has dealt with him before and it’s likely she’ll never be truly free from his obsession with her. So when she comes home to find her daughter a vibrant shade of purple she’s filled with a fear and hate that tops anything she’s ever felt before.

She is consumed with thoughts of revenge. She needs to find her nemesis and kill him once and for all. But what happens when it could be someone else who’s toying with her? How many members of the purple family will she have to confront to finally be free?

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter displays Jones’ strengths and weaknesses in equal measure. Yes, she’s physically and mentally strong but she’s also fueled by rage and alcohol. This comic book allows her to be flawed and downright human. One of my favorite things about reading her comics is that she is so down earth. She’s also a female superhero who isn’t sexy, coy, and a general male fantasy. She’s her own person, warts and all.

Author Thompson pits her against her perfect conflict, one that takes place within her own head. She can punch things all she wants but she has to go inside of herself to win this one and that place scares her more than any other. Reading books like this one reminds me why Marvel is ever worth reading.

For a female superhero who isn’t just a former male superhero put in a skirt I strongly recommend any book with Jessica Jones.

5/5 deadly purples 😈😈😈😈😈

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Jessica Jones reads to her daughter
Jessica Jones reads to her daughter

Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter Summary

This self contained run of Marvel’s Jessica Jones puts her, once again, head to head with her ultimate nemesis Zebediah Killgrave aka Purple Man. Previously, Captain Marvel had thrown him into the sun so they were all under the impression that he was pretty dead. That is, until Jessica and Luke Cage find their daughter has turned an unholy shade of purple.

So, if Killgrave is back who got thrown into the sun?

While Captain Marvel wrestles with the guilt of possibly having killed an innocent person Jessica hunts down one of Killgrave’s descendants to question her about his whereabouts. Daughter Kara is still under the impression that her father is dead and has no reason to believe otherwise.

In order to keep baby Dani safe Luke takes her away from Jessica and does not disclose where they’ll be going. This crushes her, obviously, but it does seem like the safe play.

Kara takes Jessica with her to a support group for survivors of Killgrave’s tortures. She suspects that someone there is lying and could be a mole. Jessica thinks she knows who the imposter is and follows her after the meeting. She attempts to confront her but it doesn’t go well. Afterward she discovers the woman committed suicide right after their interaction.

More strange suicides start to appear in the news. This is all very in line with Killgrave’s patterns so Jessica tracks deaths to the place where he must be hiding.

As everything grows more complicated Luke turns to his best friend Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist, for help. Jessica turns to alcohol. And something even more dangerous, she calls in a marker to Emma Frost.

Kara, seemingly under the influence of Purple Man, attacks Jessica in the park with a strange syringe. She manages to escape with the syringe in order to have it analyzed.

Jessica meets with Emma to confront the purple children. The children say they’re trying to protect them, not harm them, and that they don’t know anything about Dani turning purple. The heroes are hesitant to trust this account of events.

Emma Frost gets attacked by a similar syringe as the one before. This turns her into her diamond form which means she becomes indestructible but she cannot access her psychic powers. I don’t read a lot of X Men so I was unaware of this form, let’s just roll with it like it makes sense.

Emma Frost in Diamond Form
Emma Frost in Diamond Form

She fights the drug and turns back to psychic just long enough for Jessica to knock her out to protect themselves from a very dangerous Emma under the control of someone else. Jessica is wearing a neural disruptor so she’s safe for now.

A barrage of controlled civilians attack but she manages to hold them off. Then Luke arrives, under purple influence, and they’re forced to fight. In an impressive display of strength Jessica manages to choke him out but it doesn’t last long. He sneaks up on her and breaks her neural disruptor so she is forced to face the real villain.

Luke Cage under Purple Man control
Luke Cage under Purple Man control

Killgrave’s son Benjamin was born with no natural powers. He is the odd man out of the family and has been envious a long time. He has been keeping his father alive in a coma in order to harvest his blood to steal his powers for himself.

He is able to take control of Jessica’s mind where she now believes she’s married to Benjamin and their life resembles a 1960s sitcom in technicolor.

Killgrave manages to get a psychic message to Jessica within her delusion and tells her that she must give him control in order to defeat Benjamin. This is an incredibly difficult decision for her to make. She never thought she’d have to trust the man who made her life the traumatic crisis that it is.

She reluctantly allows him to take control and he fights Benjamin. Benjamin says he wasn’t the one who turned Dani purple, Killgrave was. Killgrave admits that this was his doing and he did it to lure Jessica in so that she could save him from being a blood bag.

He wants to use Jessica’s body to kill his son. Not wanting to have that blood on her hands she threatens to kill herself to save everyone else.

The purple children come to the rescue and disable Killgrave but Benjamin gets away. Everyone is freed from their mind control, at least for now, until Benjamin comes back in a sequel probably.

Dani’s purple hues fade and the family attempts to heal. Jessica is forced to try to enjoy her life while hiding that she feels she can never trust anyone no matter how close they are. Her troubles will never end. Jessica Jones: Purple Daughter adds to the hero’s complicated and ongoing PTSD and refuses to let her heal.

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  1. Omg is this a newer release? I got into Jessica Jones when the tv show came out and I really enjoyed it. I read a bit of her comics. Some I own that I still need to read. Now I want to get back to reading them again.