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Just One More Day – Book Review

Just One More Day by author NKR

Thank you to author NKR for providing me with a copy of her novel in exchange for this honest review.

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Just One More Day is a short novel that dives into the undiagnosed mental illness of its protagonist and reflects her chaotic thought process in its style.

NKR has written this book in a stream of consciousness style that reflects the thoughts of Laney as she navigates going to school for an art degree. She loves to paint and is consumed with art and by anything or anyone she finds beautiful. There is a lovely madness to how the world is described through her eyes. It drags us into her obsessions.

Laney becomes infatuated with a fellow student, a straight girl who needs some convincing that she could partake in lesbian activities. Now, I’ve seen this first hand dozens of times. In my early adulthood it was unnervingly common for lesbians to try and “convert” straight girls. At the time it felt like they were doing a service to closeted bi girls but now it feels predatory.

Over time Laney develops a relationship with her crush and eventually the crush even reciprocates the sexual advances. Like so many young adults Laney is driven by hormones, id, ego, and passion. But she takes it a step further, she begins to show signs of psychosis.

Through the stream of conscious narrative we detour on tangents with her thought process. They start off innocently enough, just a little distracted. But soon Laney is having disturbing scenes flash in her mind and its unclear if they are real or not.

By the end of the novel it is clear that Laney has a darkness in her mind but it is never clear how much of that darkness is enacted physically. The ending is troubling and open to interpretation. It is also quite fitting to the overal story and is satisfying in its own way.

Just One More Day is a spectacular read that will show you how it feels to lose control of your own thoughts. It’ll place you in the position of nearing a psychotic break and how it feels to not be able to tell dreams from waking life. It’s scary in a way but also demonstrates the artistic magic of being on that precipice.

Laney is an atypical protagonist and its refreshing to see a gay character that is damaged in a way that has nothing to do with her being a lesbian. She guides us through Just One More Day as only she could, through spasmic leaps from one car to another on her train of thought.

Read Just One More Day, lend it to a friend, and then discuss. Also discuss it below in the comments and let me know your thoughts on the ending!

5/5 out of control thoughts 💭💭💭💭💭

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