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Little Miss Cheery, Graphic Novel Review

Little Miss Cheery by Zidrou and Benoit Springer

Little Miss Cheery is an odd little graphic novel that I discovered on my library app. I love Hoopla to find comic books and graphic novels I may have never seen before. Sometimes when I’m looking for a one-sitting read I’ll pick up something that looks different and just go with it. I was surprised by this one, I liked it but I doubt it’s for everyone.

It’s a semi sci fi family drama about a man who wants to kill his wife so he can run away with his step daughter. He’s been having an inappropriate sexual relationship with her and she insists that he kill her mom, his wife, so they can continue the incestuous relationship guilt free. Clearly, this taboo subject matter will not be for all audiences.

He agrees to kill her but things really don’t go as planned. He kills the wife but when he gets home she’s there waiting for him like nothing happened. She’s ready to have family dinner and continue to the next day running their ostrich farm as usual. She has no memory of him killing her the night before. She doesn’t seem to suspect that anything is wrong at all. This supernatural turn kicks off a sort of groundhog’s day loop of repeating the same actions hoping for a new result.

The goals of the characters are less than noble and it’s almost like the universe is trying to tell them to stop trying. Nobody wants to see the step-father/daughter relationship succeed. The relationship is not portrayed in a way that glamorizes it either so dont worry about that part! Also, the daughter appears to be of age, or at least very close. This does help a bit, at least she’s not pre-pubescent.

The ending is less than happy but matches the dark tone of the rest of the book. Do you really want a happy ending for this degenerate anyway? Believe me, these are not likable characters. He’s having sex with his daughter! This is not a protagonist to root for!

I like books that “go there.” Books and movies that push the limit and don’t hold back from taboos. Little Miss Cheery crosses a handful of lines but does so in a way that is entertaining and ultimately rewarding. Also, crossing lines is one of the few ways left to be original, but it is a difficult art to master.

This graphic novel can be read in under an hour and is perfect for breaking a reading rut. That is, if you’re willing to “go there.”

4/5 no ostrich emoji so different dinosaur bird 🦤🦤🦤🦤

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Sorry, this one isn’t available to purchase on Amazon, you might have to discover it through a library instead. But hey! Support your local library!

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