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Lockjaw: Who’s a Good Boy, Comic Book Review

Lockjaw: Who’s a Good Boy by author Daniel Kibblesmith, Illustrations Carlos Villa and Roberto Poggi

Lockjaw is a gigiantic superpowered dog from the Inhumans side of Marvel. Originally he was sent to help Ms Marvel and they quickly became friends. He stars here in his own solo adventure.

Lockjaw uses his power of teleportation and ends up in Demolition Man’s apartment. Demolition Man, also known as D Man, is depressed. Maybe he’s depressed because he’s one of the only gay characters in Marvel and this is the first I’ve ever heard of him?

D-Man punching his television

Regardless, D Man is feeling down and that makes him want to demolish things. But he could probably use a more productive project instead. So he’s reluctant to go with Lockjaw, the big mysterious dog, but he does it anyway.

Lockjaw takes him to the Savage Land to start their adventure.

the savage land
The Savage Land!

If you’re unfamiliar, the Savage Land is the tropical part of Antarctica, lost in time and full of dinosaurs. It’s one of the weirder pieces of Marvel Earth canon. Lockjaw seems to enjoy it because he’s not the only gigantic animal around. He gets to play with a big saber toothed tiger! Lockjaw is always a big slobbery goof ball, never forget it.

From there D Man and Lockjaw get into some adventures and shenanigans and it’s all fun, light, and cute. They go to several different dimensions and planets through Lockjaw’s power of teleportation fast travel. D Man gets out of his depressive state through the power of friendship. The best kind of friendship, the friendship of a dog.

Lockjaw: Who’s a Good Boy? Is simple lighthearted fun. It’s only 4 issues long and can be read very quickly.

This would honestly be a good one for younger audiences. It’s an easy read and doesn’t have any graphic violence or many adult themes. If you liked Lockjaw from Ms Marvel’s run then you should definitely like this one too. Lockjaw is very loveable, you just want to pet and ride him!

The art is decent as well. This is a solid middle of the road book. I have no big complaints, I’m glad I read it, but there’s also not much below the surface. Give yourself a half an hour to enjoy this one guilt free.

3/5 big weird doggies 🐶🐶🐶

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Ms Marvel has since become a show on Disney. Since they have made the blasphemous decision to make her character not an Inhuman I can’t say for sure if they’ll ever introduce her big dog sidekick. That’s unfortunate.

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  1. Huh, I didn’t know D-Man was gay. He’s had a weird history: started out as a wrestler, then hung out with Captain America and ended up frozen in ice for a few years, then during Bendis’s Avengers run he was hanging out with a bunch of homeless people. I’m not sure if D-Man was supposed to be undercover or if he actually was kinda homeless (I think maybe he had some kind of mental health issue), but Bendis usually had the other Avengers making jokes about D-Man’s stink. This Lockjaw story actually sounds better for him, as far as character development goes.

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