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Mobs and Desserts – Book Review

Thank you to author Zoe Bacurin for providing me with a copy of Mobs and Desserts in exchange for this honest review.

Mobs and Desserts is the story of superpowers in the real world. Here in reality people aren’t used to seeing individuals with supernatural abilities and it is unlikely that they’d react like in the movies. Unfortunately, those who are different are often seen as threatening or they become dehumanized. The twins in this novel learn this the hard way.

Oliver and Emily were born special and up until now have kept it a family secret. Oliver can heal physical ailments from acne to cancer with just skin on skin contact. Emily has the power to heal emotions by the same means. Their powers work on everyone except themselves and each other.

Oliver decides it’s time to go public. He wants to help people and begins at the children’s hospital. Cancer and blindness disappear, children leave their wheelchairs! From here he knows he can do so much more so he sets up a demonstration.

Emily is far more hesitant to help. She has a bad feeling about all of this and pleads with him to continue keeping their secret.

When Oliver is accosted by a greedy mob attempting to grab his skin he understands how dangerous desperate people can be. They aren’t happy that he’s helping, they’re unhappy he’s not helping them fast enough.

So there we have the mob part of Mobs and Desserts. Hoards of entitled jerks play a strong role in this novel and they seem all too real of how people would react to these blessings.

The Desserts part comes in with the twins’ mother Paget. She owns a pie shop on the edge of town and is comfortably successful. She’s happy with her little life and only wants what’s best for her kids. She never has forced them to come out with their powers and encourages them to decide for themselves.

Mobs and Desserts is a captivating story with intriguing characters. They have strong relationships and aren’t only defined by their power sets. It’s a quick read that is engaging to the end. The only downside is that it could use a little polish. The story utilizes flashbacks that aren’t always clear until a ways into the segue. This can interrupt the flow and be a bit confusing. It might cause the reader to backtrack and double check where they were in the story.

The novel is perfect for young adult audiences but adults will also be able to appreciate how these young people become young heroes.

Overall, Mobs and Desserts is about the theme “no good deed goes unpunished.” There’s a stark reality to society as we know it and that is that people are kind of awful. Of course there are good ones around us but the loud and hate filled seem to lead the mobs.

I hope that this novel doesn’t discourage anyone from using their humble powers to do good but we could all learn to use a little caution and not get taken advantage of.

4/5 pies 🥧🥧🥧🥧

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