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My Sister, the Serial Killer, Book Review and Summary

My Sister, the Serial Killer by author Oyinkan Braithwaite

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My Sister, the Serial Killer is the story of two sisters in Nigeria who have more secrets than they should be able to handle. Lucky for them they’ve both become incredible liars.

Korede is a hard working, clean freak, nurse. Her sister Ayoola is basically the worst. She’s vain, selfish, manipulative, lazy, and just generally uses and abuses everyone around her. Korede puts up with out of obligation to family and protects her WAY more than she should.

The book opens with Korede helping Ayoola clean up the murder of her boyfriend. They move the body and clean up all of the evidence. Both of them seem weirdly calm about the whole scenario.

We find out early in the novel that Ayoola has now killed 3 of her boyfriends in this same manner. In “self-defense” with a knife that she got from their now deceased father.

3 murders, that officially makes Ayoola a serial killer.

The rest of the book follows the sisters as they navigate through hiding their secrets and creating new ones. They go through waves of nearly getting caught, getting themselves out of it, and then nearly getting caught again.

Korede is smart, organized, disciplined, and above all else loyal. It is only by these attributes that Ayoola is able to not get caught. However, she is gorgeous enough to probably get herself off of the hook were she to ever actually get arrested.

The book is mostly about their relationship as sisters. Korede is always at least a little jealous of how easy everything is for her beautiful sister. Ayoola is basically just out to prove that all men are dogs and deserve what she’s about to give them.

Their relationship rings true to me, at least to a certain extent. I do not have a sister so I can’t say how low I would go for mine. I do have a brother and I truly believe I would help him dispose of a body under the right circumstances. The main difference is that he doesn’t treat me like garbage.

Ayoola uses and abuses Korede just as much as she does anybody else. I do not understand why Korede continues to put up with it year after year. I get that blood is thicker than water but not if they wouldn’t do the same for you!

Regardless of how terrible Ayoola is to every single person in her life Korede maintains the role of big sister. At a certain point I began to lose respect for her loyalty.

My Sister, the Serial Killer is a very quick read. It’s just over 200 pages and has very short chapters so you’ll fly right through the drama filled pages. If you’re looking for a quick read to get you out of a slump this would be a good choice.

Update: since originally writing this book review the novel has been picked up to be adapted into a film. It’s currently listed as in development.

3/5 knives 🔪🔪🔪

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My Sister, the Serial Killer Summary

The book revolves around two sisters, Ayoola and Korede, and their complex relationship in Lagos, Nigeria. Ayoola is a stunning young woman who is notorious for killing her lovers and Korede is a nurse who always covers up Ayoola’s crimes. The novel explores the dynamics of their relationship, the secrets they keep, and the consequences of their actions.

Korede is hardworking and responsible. She has always looked after her sister Ayoola, especially after the death of their parents. She sees herself as her younger sister’s guardian and tries to protect her from the consequences of her actions. Ayoola, on the other hand, is carefree and selfish and very used to getting what she wants. She uses her beauty and charm to manipulate people sometimes with deadly consequences.

The story begins with Ayoola killing her latest boyfriend, Korede helps her to get rid of the body and evidence. She realizes that the situation is getting out of hand, and she must find a way to protect her sister and keep her actions a secret. Korede’s life takes a dramatic turn when she meets Tade, a handsome doctor. She finds herself torn between her sudden love for Tade and her loyalty to her sister. Meanwhile, Ayoola starts to pursue Tade, putting Korede’s relationship with him at risk.

Korede is faced with a dilemma as she tries to protect both her sister and her new relationship with Tade. She decides to keep quiet about Ayoola’s latest killing and tries to keep her sister away from Tade. However, Ayoola is determined to have Tade for herself, and she will do whatever it takes to get him. The little sister will forever be a fire starter, I doubt anything would ever change that.

As the story progresses, Korede begins to unravel even more secrets of Ayoola’s past, including the reason behind her first murder. Korede starts to understand the root of Ayoola’s behavior and begins to see her sister in a somewhat different light.

The climax of the story takes place when Ayoola and Korede are confronted by a family friend who knows the truth about their family and Ayoola’s killings. The sisters are faced with a choice to either come clean or continue to cover up their secrets. In the end, Korede chooses her sister above all else and continues to lie on her behalf. She seemingly makes the decision to live a life around her sister’s sins than breakaway for her own interests.

My Sister the Serial Killer is a fast paced novel that is sure to be a quick read. It’s entertaining and intriguing and will have you questioning the characters the whole way. Recommended for anyone looking for an easy thriller with some good family drama.

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How long is My Sister, the Serial Killer?

240 pages, and reads very quickly

Where is My Sister, the Serial Killer set?

Lagos, Nigeria

How does My Sister, the Serial Killer end?

Korede comes to the conclusion that it is more important to lie on behalf of her serial killer sister than to change her or turn her in. Blood is thicker than water and it’s up to the reader to decide if that’s the right decision or not.

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