nightmares and daydreams

Nightmares and Daydreams – Book Review

Thank you to author Dominic Anton for providing me with a copy of Nightmares and Daydreams in exchange for this honest review.

Nightmares and Daydreams is an original work of fiction that crosses the boundaries between reality and horror fantasy. This novel is what happens when trauma brings nightmares to life and daydreams are no longer peaceful little escapes.

Kalim and Zayn are living together in France for Zayn’s work. They moved from London and haven’t really found a new friend group yet. Kalim is feeling isolated and lonely as he misses his friends. Even though is isn’t close to his family he begins to think about them a lot too.

This loneliness and desperation puts Kalim in a dark place. He begins seeing a strange old woman everywhere he goes. Nobody else can see her and his boyfriend Zayn starts to really worry about his well being. He begs Kalim to start seeing a therapist again but Kalim is hesitant.

Then the out of body experiences begin. Kalim sees himself lying in bed, similar to an astral projection but completely involuntary. Instead of going to therapy he finds a drug dealer and starts abusing prescription medications. He has a past of addiction and strongly desires to keep his resurrected habit a secret.

As secrets and lies so often do, they tear Kalim apart. His hallucinations and nightmares get worse. He begins to spiral downward. He must face the source of the problem once and for all in hopes that he can finally get well.

Will Kalim visit his abusive father and finally mend his wounds? Will this even help? Any of us who have dealt with coming out to parents who do not approve of the “gay lifestyle” will understand how intense this can be. People say that forgiveness heals but that may not be true when forgiveness doesn’t change that your parents still think you’re disgusting.

Nightmares and Daydreams explores the darkness that comes from lingering trauma, addiction, mental health struggles, and fractured relationships. It’s a work of catharsis. Empathetic readers will be captivated by Kalim’s struggle and understand how mental and emotional issues can manifest in the physical realm.

As in real life, Nightmares and Daydreams does not have a neat and tidy ending that has everyone living happily ever after. Some people can change, others can’t. It’s our job to recognize who should stay in our lives and who we need to leave behind. Yes, we can forgive, but that is not a cure all for every situation.

Take care of yourself first. We cannot help others if we are not well. Nurture the relationships that nurture back. And if you start hallucinating, please go see a professional.

4/5 dreamers 😴😴😴😴

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