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Over and Over, Graphic Novel Review

Over and Over by author and Illustrator Ran Michael Ekman

Thank you so much to author Ran Michael Ekman for providing me with a copy of Over and Over in exchange for this honest review.

Over and Over is a graphic novel about a very relatable breakup. I’m sure that most readers have been through a similar situation and can completely understand the whole “should we stay broken up or get back together” sentiment. This time, as adults and not teens, so the should we stay together part is more about paying rent and being very intwined in each others’ lives.

In the graphic novel we follow the newly single protagonist as he completely misses flirtations from strangers and agonizes about moving on from his ex. He’s awkward but in the cute endearing kind of way and you will be rooting for him to find a new man.

But should he find a new man or was he already with the man he was meant to be with? He’ll have to figure this out for himself through a difficult process of grief, rationalization, and self growth.

It’s a simple but effective story that was clearly cathartic for the author who also illustrated the book. Anyone who has a few breakups under their belt will find something in this book that hits close to home. It’s impossible to know if you’ve found “the one” but you are able to discover if someone is the one that can make you happy.

What really stands out about Over and Over though is the bonus content. There are tons of sketches, outlines, and even an alternate ending! I didn’t realize how much I wanted to see alternate endings for books until I saw it here. I would love for other authors to follow this lead and show the reader what might have been had they taken another path.

The whole book took less than an hour for me to read, it’s definitely short and quick. But its brevity does not diminish its heart. Spend that hour immersed in this young man’s journey and see how similar all relationships can be.

Over and Over is perfect for adult readers and I think even appropriate for young adult readers as well. The book jacket warns of some brief nudity but there is no graphic exploitative sex. It’s mostly just about wanting to be loved, a simple and universal truth.

Graphic novels like these can bring a wider audience to the format. It is also a highly approachable introduction to LGBTQ literature. Now go, give it a shot! Let me know how it made you feel in the comments below.

4/5 👬👬👬👬 boys holding hands

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