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Secret War, Marvel Comics Review

Secret War by author Brian Michael Bendis, Illustrations Gabriele Dell’Otto

I read Secret War because it kept being referenced in other comics that I have read. Especially in the New Avengers, also written by Brian Michael Bendis (at least part of it). So I was glad to see some of the story lines from a new angle.

Actually this is one of the coolest things about really reading a ton of comic books. I read mostly Marvel and the more Marvel I read the more I’m able to pick up on. There was a scene in this book that I had already read in another book but from a different character’s perspective. That was actually pretty exciting, to know what was happening and where that other character went next.

However, that’s also the problem with comic books. If you haven’t read a lot of them you’re far more likely to get lost. Books like Secret War tie into a lot of other lines and rely on you being at least familiar with a lot of them before picking it up.

So, for existing Marvel fans I think Secret War will be a rewarding read. For those who are newer to the fandom, you might want to start smaller.

For fans of art, this book is amazing. The art is absolutely stunning.

wolverine but really well drawn

That should be reason enough alone to check it out. But, let’s briefly talk about Wolverine. There is a scene in this book in which he is a drunken asshole to everyone else on a flight. What the heck is that about? One, I thought it was cannon that Wolverine’s rejeneration abilities made it impossible for him to actually get drunk despite his affinity for beer. Two, Wolverine’s just not usually a total asshole. He’s more of the stoic brood in a corner type. Not the make a scene and hit on all the ladies on a plane type.

I’ve seen this before with Bendis. He sometimes misses the mark pretty far with characters that he doesn’t write very often. I’m starting to really dislike that about his books. Makes me feel like he doesn’t enjoy reading comics, just writing his own.

Now, the plot of Secret War is exremely convoluted and complicated but can be boiled down to “Nick Fury is up to sketchy shit.” Seriously, comic book Nick Fury is nothing like MCU Nick Fury. Fury in the comics is as bad as Iron Man in the comics. They both suck and the movie versions are vastly better, there I’ve said it.

So anyway, Marvel nerds, check out Secret War and never trust Fury or Stark.

3/5 superheroes 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️

For even more Brian Michael Bendis check out The Mighty Avengers

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