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The Discipline, Graphic Novel Review

The Discipline, author Peter Milligan, artist Leandro Fernandez

The Discipline is an adults only graphic novel series that seems to have been canceled after one volume. Although the creative team appears to be passionate about the content, an audience for this kind of book would be very hard to find so I’m not surprised it didn’t get picked up for more issues.

It’s basically about a bored housewife who gets seduced by a stranger and lured into an underworld. I already find this problematic. Adultery should never be promoted as the way to break a rut. She should have an open and honest discussion with her husband about how she feels unfulfilled instead. But I guess that doesn’t make for as interesting reading so she gets easily seduced instead. Seriously, she barely even gives it a second thought.

This predator, ahem, stranger whisks her away into a strange underworld of BDSM shape-shifters called The Discipline. Here she learns how to use sex to become a sort of demon like creature so that she can defeat Stalkers. Um… sure. Strikes me as yet another book that has no real world experience with a consensual BDSM relationship.

It’s all very paranormal and pretty over the top. I have a hard time with any book that has our world, and then this whole secret form of magic that is somehow kept secret from most everyone on the planet. Human nature dictates that magic could never be kept secret, the Satanic commandments demand that you share magic if you are to find it, and Harry Potter’s awful family would definitely try to use it to their advantage. Do not tell me they wouldn’t be blackmailing someone.

Point is, I find these books very silly. The Discipline is fighting this whole sexy war and nobody else even knows they should be afraid of the bad guys? Silly. How is any of this kept under wraps? Also, how can you save the world if the world doesn’t even know they’re in danger? They don’t want credit?

If The Discipline was sexier it might have been more entertaining. However, all the characters are pretty deplorable and I didn’t enjoy watching them turn into monsters so it was generally disagreeable to read. It’s also not great watching monsters have sex. It’d be moore fun to see sexy humans do it instead.

I’m not surprised this one didn’t get finished. Give it a shot if you like amoral relationships and dark magic more than I do. But also, please don’t idolize amoral relationships with problematic power dynamics.

2/5 bdsm canes 🦯🦯

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