The fact of the moon is stranger than most dreams

The Fact of the Moon is Stranger than Most Dreams-Book Review

The Fact of the Moon is Stranger than Most Dreams by author Jacob Daniel Palmer

Thank you to author Jacob Daniel Palmer for providing me with a free copy of his novel in exchange for this honest review.

The Fact of the Moon is Stranger Than Most Dreams is the kind of science fiction book that forms a tight rope between our known reality and a not so distant future. It is far too easy to see our own destiny in these pages.

Everything in the world of this novel is pretty awful. Climate change has rendered the Earth nearly uninhabitable. One needs a respiration mask just to leave the apartment because of the poor air quality. It’s extremely difficult to find employement and everyone earns a universal basic income that barely covers shelter and food.

In order to escape this dystopia most people make use of hallucinogenic drugs and virtual reality. The drugs and VR bring enough of a delusion to satisfy most citizens. Escapism can be powerful.

There are, however, a few people left who crave something more. Abram and Edie are a loving couple who live together with their friend Kenner. Abram and Edie are both artists who are constantly trying to find jobs to showcase their work. Kenner is a sort of bum. He’s the kind of friend who always has drugs or booze, and always gets you into trouble.

Kenner doesn’t partake in VR but he does use some pretty strong drugs, pretty regularly. His off the grid lifestyle soon drags Abram and Edie into the psychedelic conflict of The Fact of the Moon in Stranger Than Fiction.

What follows is a road trip filled with violence and conspiracy theories. Abram and Kenner have left Edie behind as they journey through the desert. Edie stays home with her VR but starts to experience supernatural pheneomena that coincides with the boys’ experience.

Their paths join near the end of the book in an extremely exciting climax. I did not want to put this book down. It’s hard to explain The Fact of the Moon is Stranger than Most Dreams without itemizing the plot points. Even then, it wouldn’t make much sense. Reality, dreams, and hallucinations intertwine and become indiscernible.

Following this wild trip begins with philosophical theorizing and ends with a deep uncertainty that far surpasses any questions that were raised in the beginning. The universe is vast and the human mind itself has yet to be fully explored. Abram, Kenner, and Edie see things beyond their imagination, and yet, maybe it was actually all in their heads.

The Fact of the Moon is Stranger than Most Dreams is a book to be experienced. It cannot be summarized easily and it shouldn’t be. Just like a dream or a trip, it is open to interpretation and the one immersed in the experience is the only one who can say how it felt or what it means.

Follow this novel down a deep rabbit hole and see how you come out the other side, you’ll likely be changed for good.

5/5 moons 🌒🌒🌒🌒🌒

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