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The Thanos Imperative, Marvel Comics Review

The Thanos Imperative by author Dan Abnett, Illustrations Andy Lanning and Brad Walker

The Thanos Imperative is a cluster of Marvel’s galactic big hitters. We have Thanos, Captain Mar-Vell, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Silver Surfer, and many more. What we don’t have is a coherent plot.

Essentially, there is another universe in which Death is dead. This universe is called the Cancerverse and houses a lot of negative versions of Avengers. Thanos is still in his position of being absolutely obsessed with Lady Death and is present to do something. This something is not super clear.

This is one of those runs of comics where there are so many characters, groups, settings, and tie ins that I quickly lost track of what the hell actually happened. I was honestly confused throughout all six issues.

I had no idea even who were the good guys and who were the bad guys or what any of them were trying to do. All I know for sure is that Drax wants to kill Thanos. But since none of the Guardians seem too keen on that I got confused about if Thanos is good or bad in this story. Isn’t he usually bad? He’s a pretty bad dude. Most of you may know him from killing half of all living creatures.

But Thanos is not actually in this run as much as you would think. For being the title character he’s barely even present in the first three issues, that is half the entire run.

thanos whining about death
whomp whomp

And when Thanos is present he’s acting like a freaking baby. His obsession with Lady Death is so unhealthy. He really needs to get over her already, she’s never liked him! It’s really pathetic that all of his world crushing plans come down to him being an incel loser. So strange they never touched his one personality trait in the movies. Lady Death is his consistant motivation across so many runs but maybe the movies realized how sad it seems.

I see some strong reviews for this one so I’m going to have to guess that if I was much more into the galactic side of Marvel that this one would’ve been easier to read. However, I’m not so I didn’t much care for it. I will continue to read Thanos comics, just because he is interesting and I love the galactic art in most of these books, but this one was just not my favorite.

If you know a lot more about the players in this run please let me know what the heck it was really all about.

2/5 galaxies 🌌🌌

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