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The Unbelievable Gwenpool – Marvel Comic Book Review

The Unbelievable Gwenpool by author Christopher Hastings, Illustrations various

For the longest time I was uninterested in reading Gwenpool. I was under the mistaken impression that she was just a diversity grab knock-off of Deadpool. Although the name may be slightly that, her character is actually unique and interesting.

She does share the fourth wall breaking meta quality of Deadpool but it’s approached in a different way. Ms Gwen Poole is a young woman who comes from our own universe and the Earth that we are familiar with, as in no Iron Man or other heroes, just the comic books. She has spent her whole life reading Marvel Comics, watching the Marvel movies, and just generally being a huge nerd and fan girl.

So when she gets mysteriously transported to Marvel 616 her superpower is just that she knows everything about all of it. Including, but not limited to, everyone’s secret identities.

She is able to leverage this power into becoming a mercenary. However, she has zero weapons or combat training so she’s not very good at it. It’s possible that she has some unexplained luck powers that just manage to keep her alive the whole time that she’s running around aimlessly shooting people.

gwenpool being chaotic
or just causing mayhem

Since she also believes that she’s actually in a comic book she doesn’t fully understand that her actions have consequences. She sees everyone as a character that can be killed and will somehow eventually be brought back to life in a later issue. So she racks up a bit of a body count.

The central plot is a bit lacking and requires Gwen Poole to jump around to different books and cameos. Regardless, the whole run is very funny and very self aware.

gwenpool is a teenage mercenary
just like buffy

As the run goes on it gets more and more experimental and meta. It literally breaks the boundaries of the comic book page and does some interesting soul searching.

The saddest part is that The Unbelievable Gwenpool knows that her run is coming to an end. She knows she has a limited amount of issues and she tries to wrap things up before she’s cancelled.

I would honestly love to see more of her. She’s got more heart than Deadpool and learns from her own mistakes. In just a dozen issues she demonstrates a lot of growth. Her fighting powers could easily be honed and she could be a valuable member of any super team.

Let’s get Gwenpool another run! She deserves it and she loves being in the 616, it’s better than her original home! Out of all of the comic book heroes to not get a renewal she deserves it the least.

4/5 pink with no pants outfits🩱🩱🩱🩱

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