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Traitor – Book Review

Thank you to author Steve Malik Swayne for providing me with a copy of Traitor in exchange for this honest review.

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Traitor, as a novel, is a testament to the love of writing. According to the author’s website he began writing seriously after he was incarcerated in prison. His words were transcribed to his wife who typed them up from recordings and got them to publication. The fact that this book ever made it into my hands is a marvel that only came through dedication and passionate drive.

Additionally, Traitor is well written and author Steve Malik Swayne has a unique voice that stands out from the rows and rows of cut and paste fiction. His experience in and out of the legal system gives this thriller an authenticity that not even the most imaginative author could hope to achieve. I sincerely hope that readers everywhere will use this book as a starting point for branching out to authors of all walks of life, not just the ones already on the bestsellers list.

The novel is about Xavier, a young man who ends up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Through his 9 1/2 years in prison he has a lot of time to plot his revenge on the man who put him there. The man in question was an old crew mate who turned lawyer. During his time in law school Xavier always felt proud of his achievements. Until he became a prosecutor and turned against his roots.

Upon his release Xavier’s life turns around in the best ways. He still has his lady who stayed loyal to him through is absence. He gets a job and is determined to stay clean and out of prison. While living this positive life he is also setting pieces in motion for his complex plan.

He begins to enter a sort of fugue state occasionally, as triggered by memories of his betrayer. He starts to lose chunks of time and sees evidence that his plan is moving along with and without his efforts. It seems as though his vengeance has become personified. Traitor moves the reader along in two ways: hoping to see his revenge work out as well as wanting to see how it’s happening even while Xavier sleeps.

The novel seamlessly comes together by the end with a satisfying conclusion. His revenge is not one of mindless violence but one of strategy. A strategy that took the better part of 10 years to plan and another year to set up. Xavier has the patience and drive to see his goals through just as the author had to get this book published.

I strongly recommend Traitor to any thriller fans who are bored with reading the same airport novels on repeat. This one will certainly stir things up on your reading list.

5/5 dark spirits of revenge 👤👤👤👤👤

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