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Troublemaker-Leah Remini Memoir Review

Troublemaker: Author Leah Remini

Troublemaker is the memoir of actress Leah Remini who tells her story of growing up in and then escaping from Scientology. If you are somehow unfamiliar, Scientology is an international cult that likes to drain the bank accounts of its members. They believe in alien energies poisoning our thoughts and behaviors and worship their now deceased founder as well as Tom Cruise.

Remini was brought into the church by her mother at a very young age. For many years she was a true believer. She spent all of her free time trying to advance within the church of Scientology on the promise that it would make her life better. Spoiler, it never did.

Scientology is now widely known to be abusive, traumatic, expensive, and downright ridiculous. Many of us see it as a punchline now. But Remini makes it clear why Scientology was tempting for her mother and family. She shows how easy it is for anyone to get sucked in to a cult and how impossible it can be to leave.

Leah Remini managed to remove herself from the church but it did not come without consequences. She was lucky enough to not lose her entire family or go completely bankrupt but this is a rare example. Most members end up staying just because they can’t afford not to.

Troublemaker is not simply a cult memoir. It also serves as an interesting insight into Hollywood. She tells stories of being a struggling actress to being a successful one. She has some good stories about celebrities including her friend J. Lo. But the meat of the gossip is with Tom Cruise.

Most people surely know that he is King of Scientology and also a wee bit unhinged. Remini’s accounts of his behavior are fascinating. I was enthralled with her observations of this man child and have even more respect now for the women who divorced him.

Troublemaker gave me another reason to consider pirating Tom Cruise movies instead of paying for them. (For legal reasons this is a joke).

Leah Remini’s memoir does what all the best memoirs do, it shines a personal light onto stories we may already be a little familiar with. Remini has a strong voice and she makes no exceptions for anyone. She is a strong person and her strength on these pages can hopefully help others who are trapped in various cults and money sucking churches everywhere.

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5/5 thetans 👽👽👽👽👽

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