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X Force: Sex+Violence, Comic Review

X Force: Sex+Violence Written by Crain Kyle, Chris Yost, Art by Gabriele Dell’otto

X Force: Sex+Violence is a Marvel 3 issue one off which delivers exactly what it promises. It’s got sex and it’s got violence and it’s loads of fun! The art is great, dark and gritty. It’s also sexy, but in a very adult, as in mature, way. This is not your pubescent wet dream, this is come as you are warts and all gotta have you now action packed sexiness.

Domino is in quite a jam and Wolverine helps bail her out. She’s managed to piss off both the Assassins Guild and The Hand and can’t take them all on her own. They are super ninjas after all.

The Hand with their latest victim
don’t forget the violence in sex+violence

As they fight their way through a year’s worth of bad guys they can’t deny their sexual tension any longer and make a pit stop at a hotel room. I have to give major credit for allowing Domino to be the major instigator for this sexy romp. She’s in charge, she’s getting what she wants, and she’s sexy as hell doing it.

Domino and Wolverine in a passionate embrace
let you imagination roam freely here

I would’ve liked this short run to be a little longer, it’s a lot of fast paced action crammed into 3 issues. But they were wise to keep it short as the typical Marvel book is not this gritty and definitely not going to show any more nudity than we get here. Which is basically some cleavage and a braless back.

Marvel typically likes to keep it family friendly but I always enjoy it’s gritty side. X Force is like the dirty cousin to X Men. The characters are allowed to be more adult, more violent, and more themselves. Wolverine has a very troubled past, is a bit of an alcoholic, smokes cigars, and does have a libido. He gets to run free here.

Domino is a wild card. Her power is being supernaturally lucky. Well, she’s getting lucky in the pages of this short run, and it’s about damn time.

I’m sure someone out there has drawn a far more explicit fan fiction for this and if you want to link to it in the comments I wouldn’t complain.

Topless Domino on a very happy Wolverine
It is a nice back

Definitely recommend for a nice quick bloody sexy read.

4/5 ninja assassins 🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤🐱‍👤

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