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Alex + Ada – Graphic Novel Review

Alex + Ada by author and Illustrations Jonathan Luna and Sara Vaughn

Alex + Ada is a graphic novel cowritten by Jonathan Luna. The Luna brothers are very talented graphic novel writers, one of my favorites of theirs is an apocalyptic thriller titled Girls. I am likely to give anything they collaborate on a shot.

Alex + Ada is yet another science fiction addition to the growing sub genre of sentient AIs and whether or not they can feel love and emotions just like individuals who are born humans. I’m a huge fan of this genre and seem to have been reading it a lot lately. It’s a problem that we are likely going to face much sooner than we’d like to think. So let’s be prepared!

Alex + Ada is the story of Alex, a lonely man who is gifted an AI helper named Ada. This future takes place after some sort of massacre in which a sentient AI killed many humans. Since that massacre there is legislation in place protecting humans from AIs developing thoughts of their own. Alex receives Ada with the assumption that she has no free will.

However, Alex isn’t content with an AI who just obeys his every command but is unable to carry on a real conversation. He’s lonely and wants an equal partner, not a slave. He dives into the deep end of the internet to find out if it’s possible to acivate her free will somehow.

From there we follow Alex and Ada as she becomes a real girl and they both face the very big consequences for breaking this law. The progression of the story is highly inventive and is one of the most creative ways I’ve seen a story deal with being written into a logical corner.

I don’t want to spoil it in this spoiler free review so I’ll just say the story jumps forward in time for the last two issues but it’s wonderfully original in how it gets there. You’ll just have to read it for yourself. Sometimes not including spoilers really bums me out because I want to talk about it!

The story of Alex + Ada is not new territory. There are plenty of books and movies that deal with a human and AI relationship. It is, however, still ground breaking in that it tells this story better than most. It establishes the world in which it takes place and does not deviate from it. It takes no leaps of faith, no deus ex machina, nothing that rips you from believing in the story. It’s a well thought out and well told romance.

Any science fiction fans should check out Alex + Ada, also any graphic novel or romance fans, just any readers really.

5/5 robots

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