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Bullseye: The Colombian Connection, Comic Book Review

Bullseye: The Colombian Connection by author Ed Brisson, Illustrations Guillermo Sanna and Dave Johnson

Bullseye: The Colombian Connection is part of a Marvel series of standalones called Running With the Devil. It features a few of Daredevil’s main baddies in their own miniseries. I previously wrote about Kingpin: Born Against, it was impressive. This Bullseye one, not so much.

The biggest sin that any comic book or action movie can commit is that of being boring. This book is boring. You can tell because in my notes I summarized the plot of the whole book in one sentence, “Bullseye wants a big job, takes one in Colombia.” That’s basically it.

What is that job? Doesn’t really matter. Who’s it with? Couldn’t tell you. It’s all pretty uneventful and forgettable.

Then the only other two notes I took were: “lame undetailed art” and “not half as interesting as Kingpin.”

Here’s an example of the art:


That’s about as good as it gets for this one. I don’t always mind minimalism. Hawkeye’s most successful run is a showcase for it. But this just made an already boring book even more boring.

It also made telling characters apart pretty difficult. Something else that is a huge sin in comic books. Why do you think anime and manga characters have such wild hair? So we know who’s who! Draw people differently!

Essentially nothing happens in this book. Especially nothing that would further enlighten us about the character of Bullseye. He goes to Colombia and he shoots some people and some people try to shoot him but they’re unsuccessful. The end.

That’s all Bullseye always is! Give me more! He’s so sadistic and has a habit of killing the women his enemies love. Explore that! Way more interesting than killing some drug dealers or arms dealers or whatever these guys were. I wasn’t even interested enough to write it down or commit it to memory!

I love explorations of villains. Most people do, that’s why people love true crime shows. The minds of villains tick differently than our own minds. At least we always hope so. But highlighting those differences and similarities and diving deep into the psyche of a bad guy or gal and finding their motivations are what we want. Not a generic shoot-em-up with someone we barely know anything about.

I’m hoping that the Elektra mini is more in line with the Kingpin one. I adore Elektra and get personally offended every time someone messes her books up. Sigh, it happens too much.

But as for Bullseye: The Colombian Collection, it really missed its target.

2/5 bullseyes 🎯🎯

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