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Elektra: Always Bet on Red, Comic Book Review

Elektra: Always Bet on Red by author Matt Owens, Illustrations Juan Cabal and Alec Morgan

Elektra: Always Bet on Red is part of the Running With the Devil series of one offs featuring Daredevil bad guys. I previously wrote about Bullseye and Kingpin. Our final villain is Elektra, who as always, toes the line between good and evil.

If you couldn’t tell from my profile picture or all of the other reviews about her I’ve written, I love Elektra. She’s one of my favorite characters of all time. We all have that character we love even if all of their books aren’t the best.

Well, Elektra: Always Bet on Red is not the best but it’s certainly not the worst. If anything, it’s the most fun of any of her books I’ve read so far.

It features the always wacky Arcade as the dominant bad guy of the book. Once again, he has set up a ridiculously complicated way to kill people. This time he’s in Vegas where high rollers are allowed to get deep in the action.

Arcade's Murder World

I actually like Arcade, he’s basically an old school Batman villain but in the even sillier Marvel universe. And I think it’s a fun pairing for the super serious Elektra. It brings out a lighter side to her that I don’t think I have ever seen before.

She still gets to be a badass boss but she doesn’t have to worry about all of her men troubles, both lover and father related. She’s just placed in a survival conflict that is exactly the environment in which she thrives.

There are of course some flashback moments that get a little heavier, because you have to with her.

elektra kneeling in front of bodies with a skull hanging

But it got me this panel that is now the wallpaper on my tablet so I’m not complaining.

The Running With the Devil series was very uneven in quality. Kingpin was the most profound, and by far had the most to offer in terms of plot and characterization. Bullseye was easily the worst of the trio, boring and basically forgettable. And Elektra was the most enjoyable to read.

This book was the most entertaining and light of the bunch. It can easily be read in one sitting and is a lovely way to spend an hour after work one evening.

elektra on the attack

Bonus points for covering her skin with a more practical outfit! Now, I love the iconic one piece with leg straps as much as anyone. But I can tell you from experience those leg straps are just not practical. I was amazed they stayed up at comicon but I can’t imagine they would stay in place during an acrobatic fight! What are they even for?!

Ahem, anyway, Elektra good. Go ahead and enjoy Elektra: Bet on Red with some goofy Arcade Murder World antics.

3/5 closest emoji weapons to a sai 🗡🗡🗡

For more Elektra check out Elektra (2014).

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