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Daredevil vs. Punisher: Means and Ends, Comic Book Review

Daredevil vs Punisher by author David Lapham

Here we are again with another installment of Daredevil and Punisher not getting along. In Daredevil vs Punisher: Means and Ends the two vigillantes battle it out for who has the moral high ground, in exactly the same way they always do.

Daredevil is on his legal and religious high horse. He wants to bring bad guys to justice by having them arrested and tried in a court of law. He somehow still believes in the legal system even though he sees from inside and out that it is broken. But this is who he is and nothing will change that. Daredevil is lawful good.

Punisher wants to kill the bad guys. Plain and simple, he knows that the system is broken and the only way bad guys stop is a bullet through the head. He doesn’t want to waste time with them going to prison only to be released to do it all over again. This is who he is and nothing will change that. Punisher could be considered chaotic good.

They always get tangled in the same conflict somehow and instead of teaming up to remove the threat they get distracted by being annoyed with each other. Daredevil goes out of his way to eliminate the Punisher threat before the Punisher can eliminate Daredevil’s threat. It’s silly.

So we have two men here who will never ever budge on their stance. They never have before and this throwaway comics run isn’t going to change it now. Do readers actually like reading this same conflict over and over? I guess Marvel fans are stuck in a series of unoriginal and uninspired movies and they do keep making money, so yes.

daredevil vs punisher
punch it out boys

The conflict that brings them into the same space this time doesn’t matter. It doesn’t affect either of them or the Marvel canon at large. It’s pointless. We’ve seen this story before and it never ends differently. When oh when will an author break this mold?! It seems like such an obvious idea for a story and yet no one does it.

This one does seem to slightly favor Punisher’s point of view just a little more but it has some mixed messages about gun control that dillute any sort of message it may have.

Honestly, it’s not even an entertaining retelling of a clash of titans. It’s just a boring and pointless story to shove two best sellers together. As I always say, if you’re a completist for Daredevil like I am, then yeah, read it. But otherwise you might as well pass on this one. There is certain to be another very similar arc that pops up soon enough for you.

2/5 devils 👿👿

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