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Money Going Out of Style, Nonfiction Review

Money Going Out of Style by Zvi Shreiber PhD

Thank you to author Zvi Shreiber for providing me with a copy of his book in exchange for this honest review.

Money Going Out of Style is a nonfiction book about the general history of currency and macro-economics. If you’re like me, you know very little about this subject, have always been intimidated by it, and will be relieved to read a book that breaks it down in such easy to understand terms. This is a book for novices, but I am that audience.

The book is written with history lessons parallel to an allegory about a small island community. The island develops the concept of money as well as banks, interest rates, leaving the gold standard, credit, and the stock market. As they come up with these ideas you can see what makes the most sense and what doesn’t as a parallel to our own system.

Until recently I knew very little about this topic. Basically, I kept my money in a savings account and used one credit card that I dutifully paid off. I still do that credit card thing (I like the points) but I’ve also started to “diversify” my portfolio and really start tracking and planning for an eventual retirement. As of right now my stocks have absolutely tanked and inflation is out of control but I feel less panicked than I might have prior to this reading.

Money Going out of Style came to me at the right time. It helped supplement my personal googling about all these topics and helped make everything make just a bit more sense. These topics are dense and nuanced but the basics provided in this book go a long way to understanding the big picture and to personally helping with your finances.

If you are already versed in macro economics I would say this book is not for you. You will likely feel bored and roll your eyes at the thought of someone like me actually needing this all broken down. But the rest of us are to be enlightened.

Additionally, Money Going out of Style is a surprisingly light read. I didn’t even have to supplement my reading time with a comic book as I typically do with denser nonfiction! It’s well written and easy to keep picking back up.

If you’re at all curious about what the heck money actually is and what it’s future may be I suggest Money Going out of Style.

5/5 dollar dollar bills 💵💵💵💵💵

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  1. Sounds cool … I’ve always found economics stuff impenetrable. Have you read Economix by Michael Goodwin? It’s a graphic novel that explains the history of economics and why things are the way they are today. The writer has an obvious bias in favour of certain economic systems (which he freely admits), but it’s a pretty cool book and makes all that esoteric economics jargon easy to understand. (