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Thanos: Redemption, Comic Book Review

Thanos: Redemption by author Jim Starlin

Thanos: Redemption attempts to be exactly what the title says. A story about Thanos redeeming himself after he kills half the known universe. That’s a pretty rough path to walk. And he doesn’t do it well.

He picks one planet and one species to attempt to save. He gets hyper-focused on this task to the point he’d be willing to destroy every other planet and every other species to save this one. His morals are… questionable.

But Thanos’ morals aren’t the main problem with this book. The main problem is that it is boring and confusing. Unless you are really familiar with the high galactic Marvel universe most of this book will leave you lost. There are many characters and locations I have never seen before presented with little to no introduction.

Thanos works with a team of… somebodies… I still honestly have no clue who they even were or how I would possibly know them.

On top of not knowing who any of the characters are they all speak with different dialects and in very over the top language. I think it’s supposed to be fancy space god talk but it mostly just makes it difficult to read.

And then there’s whatever the hell this is:

thanos talking to some fairy
uh… what?

She says, “Seen it all enough yet? Makes Skreet queasily inside knowing she was cocoonered hereabouts.” Now, I know whoever the heck she is her name is Skreet because she always talks in the third person. But she also talks in whatever the absolute fricken nonsense that word salad is. She’s impossible to understand and she’s a main plot point for like a third of the issues in this run.

I ended up just skimming her dialogue because I wasn’t understanding it and didn’t care enough to try. Big sign of a bad book.

So Thanos does not really redeem himself in any traditional sense of the word in this run. Mostly because the run ends. Abruptly. Without warning and without conclusion. Maybe it was cancelled because it was poorly written, maybe that’s just the poorly written ending.

Regardless, there is no conclusion, the story ends mid plot. Not in a way that sets it up for a sequel, but in a way that seems like there are pages missing.

The one thing I can definitely give to Thanos: Redemption is the art. The high galaxy parts of Marvel, especially from this era, have a shiny contrast that I really enjoy.

panel from thanos: redemption
and many eye twinkles

There are many great panels and pages to look at but I can’t really recommend you read any of the words.

2/5 galaxies 🌌🌌

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