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West Coast Avengers, Comic Book Review

West Coast Avengers by author Kelly Thompson, Illustrations Stefano Caselli and Daniele Di Nicuolo

I seem to have a knack for falling for Avengers runs that are way under-appreciated. I first found Kate Bishop in Young Avengers. A book that really doesn’t get the credit it deserves. I blame the name, sounds like it’s for babies when they actually mean 18-22 year olds.

I adore Kate Bishop. I also loved her solo run, that also got ended too soon. Kate Bishop Hawkeye is where I really solidified by adoration of author Kelly Thompson. She has a real talent for dialogue and for making each character shine with their own personality. She’s also just simply more in touch with today’s audiences. She’s younger and knows what those of us who haven’t been around since the silver age are looking for today.

So I followed both Kate Bishop and Kelly Thompson over here to West Coast Avengers knowing full well it was ended prematurely. I do not regret this decision. But it does fill me with longing. Everything I love gets taken away so soon!

As with Young Avengers and Kate Bishop Hawkeye, Bishop is the snarky, thirsty, always in just over her head, leader of a group of fresh and inexperienced heroes.

They are a diverse group featuring various races and sexual orientations. I love the ongoing joke of Bishop always being the token straight person in her groups. Especially since she never even seems to realize it.

Through two volumes The West Coast Avengers battle a line up of impressive bad guys featuring Madam Masque. She’s one of my favorite underused Marvel Villains. She’s so creepy and mysterious and I always get excited seeing her.

We are also graced by the presence of America Chavez, who is way too cool and powerful for this group but she finds a new girlfriend here so she’s probably sticking around.

As a bonus we are introduced to Fuse and Alloy, a brother sister team descended from Wakanda. They’re both infused with the power of Vibranium and they’re honestly both kinda hot. So win win. Did I mention that author Thompson always seems to make her comics sexy? In totally non degrading ways! Seriously, check out Mr. and Mrs X.

The best part of West Coast Avengers is that it is simply fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. It enjoys the action without getting bogged down on trying to be edgy or deep. It just takes you on a roller-coaster ride.

I fully enjoyed the ride and will continue to seek out more from both Kate Bishop and Kelly Thompson. I’ve yet to regret it from either of these starring ladies.

4/5 cool dragons 🐲🐲🐲🐲

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