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X-Men: Phoenix Endsong, Comic Book Review

X-Men: Phoenix Endsong by author Greg Pak, Illustrations Greg Land

X-Men Phoenix: Endsong is a way for Marvel to use Jean Grey in a comic again without having to get creative about how to bring her back from the dead. Is it just me or is Greg Pak only on about 25% of the time? We all know that death in comic books is never permanent, but maybe sometimes it should take a little longer to bring them back.

The Phoenix Force is what is actually back. Whatever it is digs up Jean Grey’s dead body and inhabits it while it does whatever the heck its plan actually is. I’m unclear on that now that I think about it. Scott Summers is with Emma Frost now but he can never fully resist that Jean Grey allure.

So Phoenix in the form of Jean Grey is causing some mayhem and they need to stop it. This at one point involves Emma Frost thinking she’s anywhere near powerful enough to house the Phoenix Force and that’s just silly. Emma honey, you ain’t it.

So by the end there’s an attempt at making it very clear that Phoenix bad, Jean Grey good. Don’t think that Jean Grey is the one who ate a whole star, that was Phoenix, we need to remember Jean Grey in a positive way only. Do it! Start remembering!

Sigh, just feels kind of lame. Feels like a cop out. Especially since they still don’t really elaborate on what exactly this so called Phoenix Force is if not part of Jean Grey. I still have questions Pak! This whole seperation also seems to diminish Jean Grey. She is extremely powerful, she is the Phoenix Force! But they can’t have her responsible for anything bad so she’s just another weak girl.

Overall, the story was…okay. Just largely unremarkable. I also have written in my notes “Quentin Quire is always punchable.” And that’s as true here as it ever was.

The art is quite good and that gives this book a bump.

Jeaan Grey as Phoenix
the power!

If nothing else, it’s still pretty to look at.

The main problem with X-Men Phoenix: Endsong is the same problem with most comics. In order to get the most from it you have to be familiar with decades of backstory. This standalone does not stand alone. You need to already know the Phoenix Saga and already be familiar with many of the X-Men in order for this book to even begin to be interesting.

If you do already have that back knowledge you might appreciate seeing a mild redemption for Jean Grey. Me, however, I like endings. Leave the poor woman dead in the ground where she belongs. I simply didn’t need this story for some sort of satisfaction.

3/5 suns of pure energy ☀️☀️☀️

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