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Beet Life – Self Help Book Review

Beet Life by author Tyler Holme

Thank you to author Tyler Holme for providing me with a copy of Beet Life in exchange for this honest review.

Beet Life is a satirical self help book by Instagram persona @Beets_By_Beth. She shows us and her over 100 followers (!) how to use beets and positivity to beat life.

The premise is simple and very well executed. The photos throughout the book are marvelous. They are consistent in quality and really capture that IG filter, phony smile, oozing gooey oversaturated positivity that makes most of us roll our eyes. As an influencer, Beth clearly understands the importance of posting high quality content.

She gives advice on everything from how to get more energy, how to decorate your home, and how to deal with pesky ghosts. Beth has it all figured out, except for how to land a husband. But that will come through beets and time.

The book is also formatted well and uses that very recognizable Pinterest cursive font to set the tone perfectly. Beet Life was clearly made by someone who has had to spend way too much time on social media researching what is popular and how to recreate it.

There are some genuine laugh out loud moments throughout the book. I honestly found myself chuckling on more than one occasion. Beet Life captures the absurdity of any adult thinking they have any authority to tell others how to live better. Who are these influencers anyway? Typically, just a person who feels they have it together enough to share their ego with the world.

The only probelm with Beet Life is that it becomes a bit of a one trick pony. It really only has the one joke displayed in various ways. It’s a good thing it is restrained to a modest length, otherwise it could have became tiresome.

I enjoyed this humorous coffee table book overall. I think it would make a great gift for anyone who would appreciate the joke.

4/5 apples cause i don’t have a beetmoji 🍎🍎🍎🍎

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