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Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire-Comic Book Review

Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire by author Jason Aaron and Illustrator Roland Boschi

This short run of Marvel’s Ghost Rider includes two whole Ghost Riders! The brothers must overcome their differences and learn to work together to defeat the Antichrist. They also enlist the help of the son of Satan, Damon Hellstrom.

The book becomes more of a Hellstrom book, he seems to be the focus a majority of the time. The Ghost Rider brothers are too busy bickering to really get anything done so Hellstrom runs off and does it all for them. Hellstrom can sometimes be obnoxious but he does get shit done.

I haven’t read that much Ghost Rider overall. I can’t really remember why I even added this one to my reading list. But I enjoyed it enough and it was entertaining enough for a few issues so I would think a Ghost Rider fan would like it even more.

I think this side of Marvel is always quite strange. Hellstrom is the son of Satan, therefore the Christian mythos is true in the Marvel universe. This means Daredevil is probably praying to the right God and I don’t understand what anyone does about Thor and how he clashes with all that.

The existence of Hellstrom has insane consequences on this world but nobody seems to discuss it. Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire is literally about defeeating the Antichrist and maintaing the balance between the literal Christian heaven and hell. That means this world can see evidence of the bible right in front of them but not everyone is a believer?

Maybe in Marvel, all religions exist. We have the ancient gods like Thor and Zeus. New gods like the Celestials. And, the Christian god we never actually see. But it has to be assumed that he’s real if Satan and hell are. So what is God’s role in all of this?

I just don’t know what to do with all that I guess. I would really like to see someone dive into the clash of mythology in canon. Have religious Daredevil show an atheist Hellstrom and discuss why DD is alone in his faith. Alas, that’s probably too controversial for the ever more timid comic book company. But I can’t be the only one wanting to know more about the role religion plays in the 616!

But if you’re into this weird religious side of Marvel I would say check this one out. It was pretty okay and that seems to be pretty top tier for the comics I read anymore.

3/5 flames of hell 🔥🔥🔥

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