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New Avengers, 2010-2012, Marvel Comics Review

New Avenger 2010-2012 by author Brian Michael Bendis, Illustrations various

This is the second Brian Michael Bendis run of New Avengers, this one going from 2010-2012. I reviewed the previous run New Avengers (2004-2010) as well if you need to catch up.

I was really into the first run of New Avengers. I typically enjoy Bendis’ work and really like the New Avengers team. I decided to keep reading into the next run and although it wasn’t as good as the first it still had some great entertaining moments.

Luke Cage is finally officially in charge of his own team of Avengers. He ceremoniously purchases Avengers Mansion and everything. The best story line of this whole run is what follows with him and Jessica Jones.

They have a constant battle as to how to raise their infant in a world of super heroes and super villains. Luke Cage thinks that they can both be heroes and still be parents. Jessica Jones disagrees. She attempts to make a run at the hero thing now that Luke Cage is in charge though.

In order to keep her baby safe they need a nanny that fully understands the threats she’ll be facing. They hire Squirrel Girl. I’ve never actually read any Squirrel Girl before but now I really want to. She’s a delight. She can even hold her own against Wolverine!

This plot line runs throughout the issues as a main current. It brings a humanity to the super team.

The next best part of the run was a total surprise to me. Mockingbird. Another character I’ve never really gotten into. I’ve seen her before in relation to the Avengers and Hawkeye but never really understood what she was doing there.

There is a series of complicated events that brings her to the forefront of the story and really ups her power set, a lot. She becomes an incredible badass and I actually want to read more of her now.

Aside from those major highlights the book does have a few flaws. There are quite a few plots to juggle and they involve double crosses, secret identities, and lots of possession. This makes things a bit confusing. Bendis does his best to balance everything but it’s obvious there is a lot of Marvel stuff going on outside of these pages that we are also supposed to be aware of. Darn tie ins.

There were also two points where the art went from awesome and classic:

wolverine with hellstrom and iron fist powers
powers unite!

To really really ugly. First like this:

ugly nick fury panel

In a tediously long flashback about Nick Fury that could have been easily summarized in one or two dialogue bubbles.

And then like this:

captain marvel and jessica jones, ugly art
they don’t look like that

That’s supposed to be Captain Marvel and Jessican Jones, but it’s more like fan fiction.

I always find it very jarring when the art styles change abruptly. What was wrong with how it started?! Guess we needed a cameo artist in addition to the many many cameo characters.

Overall this run of New Avengers alternated between entertaining me and straight up putting me to sleep. It was very inconsistent, especially for a Bendis run. I will continue to read New Avengers though, given the option, so I guess he did do something right.

Check it out if for no other reason than Luke Cage.

3/5 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️ superheroes

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